1.en.17 Accuracy: correction code

This coming week we shall try to improve your writings. Most of you(not all) have uploaded your review of Gervasio Sánchez’s talk to google docs. We’ll look at some of the most common errors together.

Copy this corection code in your notebook and learn the meaning of abbreviations and symbols. They will help you identify your errors and improve your writing.
· wf – wrong form
· ww – wrong word
· wo – word order
· p – punctuation
· sp – spelling
· gr – grammar
· reph – rephrase
· L1 – language 1
· ^ – missing
· wt – wrong tense
· agr – agreement 

coh- cohesion

cohe- coherence



3.en.94 Some images and tips to improve your writing

During Easter, some of you will need to do some extra work. In this post you will find some images and tips to improve your writing. There are eight tasks that you should do in your notebook. I will explain how to do it in class. I’m sure that  if you do them, your writing will be much better.

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