3.en.78 Four hours of learning outside the classroom: our morning with David Lozano and Teranga

Today we had a hectic day indeed!

First, the writer of the book you are reading in your Spanish lessons, David Lozano, visited us. You were really lucky to be able to meet him face to face and it was very interesting, as Emili said, almost as gripping as the book.  Here you can see the pic I took of your group.

In English lesson we had talked about some of the English words and  the English/American authors that appear in “Donde surgen la sombras” hadn’t we?  Words connected with computers such as nick, enter, password. In his talk and while answering the questions you asked him, he admitted he had been influenced by some of the writers we had talked about in class: Lovecraft and Poe among others.

We set off this year in a library and, as we move on, books keep on popping up in our blog. Tomorrow, Paula Gomila, from our group will receive a reward, as she was finalist of the contest of a library logo. Congratulations to her.

Congratulations to your group too. You asked really interesting questions to David Lozano. I’m sure he felt you are a group that enjoy reading and is interested in books.

After David Lozano talk, we had to rush to the Gran Hotel to see Terenga, a show of traditional music and dance from Senegal. A week ago, Carmen, our librarian, had come to our class to talk about Senegal, where she had spent two weeks last year. (see post 3.en.73) Carmen, apart from travelling,  loves books very much and she is also the one that made it possible for you to meet David Lozano.

From watching your reactions, I think you have enjoyed the show and the talk, but I will wait for  your comments in the blog to see if I am right. Next week we shall talk about it and go back to the power point about Senegal. Griots, are responsible for story telling and, in a way, we could think of them as some kind of living audio books.

Learning takes place in and outside the classroom, don’t you think?

  • What did you think of David Lozano talk?
  • Did you like Teranga?

Homework: Post your comments to the blog for Friday 18th March.


3.en.74 Carmen, our excellent librarian is also a compulsive traveller and an English teacher, so today she’ll be our guest and tell you about her experience in Senegal and at the Ramon Llull library.

Two outings are approaching:

  • the first one:  Tuesday 15th, a mountain hike in the Tramuntana .
  • The second one: Thursday 17th, music and story telling from Senegal at La Caixa.

On Thursday 10th, Carmen, the  Ramon Llull librarian who is also an English teacher, will be our guest. A bit more than a year ago, she spent a week a  in Senegal and she will come to our class to tell us about it. She will give us a different point of view from the one we get from books and in the internet.

On the 17th of March,  we’ll go on an outing to La Caixa, to see “Teranga” a Senegalese group of musicians, dancers and story tellers. Carmen’s narration of her trip will contribute to our understanding of the country. This power point contains  images and information that will help Carmen explain her experience in  Senegal. It was made last year for  the students  who are now in 2nd ESO E. They went to see  Teranga last year and they liked it very much. Let’s see if you enjoy it too.

I will interview her and ask her questions about her trip and about her job as a librarian too. You will have to listen and take notes. Once the interview is finished,  you will have time to ask her questions.

This activity will help you learn interviewing techniques, next time you will be the ones to take my place and I will sit at the back of the room listening to you.

Feedback and constructive criticism will be appreciated.

Did you like it?

Did you find it helpful?

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