2.en.62 Feelings, expression and making faces.

How much does our facial expression tell about the way we feel?

are you good at making faces?

Can you wink?

Can you think of situations when you would wink?

Can you think of situations when you would frown?

Have a look at these faces and learn how to pronounce the words.

We’ll run a contest to see who is best at making faces.

Go to Learning Chocolate web site learn the words and try the on line dictation.




















Did you learn any new words?

Did you find this post useful?


2.en.61 Pronunciation: reading aloud and excerpt from “boy” by Roald Dahl. “homesickness”

Some students from 2nd ESO E have temporarily taken over your blog to display their reading abilities. Yesterday, during  our weekly “tutoría” session, we talked about how important oral skills are. Reading aloud with clear diction (accent, inflection, intonation, and speech-sound quality) , making what you say interesting for the audience are some of the aspects that make you want to listen to a good reader.

Listen to Daryl,Sara and Emil, from 2n ESO E reading an excerpt from “Boy” by Roald Dahl.  They had done a dictation in class and were familiar with the text, which means that they understood what they were reading.

This is the text: 


I was homesick during the whole of my first term at St Peter’s. Homesickness is a bit like seasickness. You don’t know how awful it is till you get it, and when you do, it hits you right in the top of the stomach and you want to die. The only comfort is that both homesickness and seasickness are instantly curable. The first one goes away the moment you walk out of the school grounds and the second is forgotten as soon as the ship enters port.

I was so devastatingly homesick during my first two weeks that I set about devising a stunt for getting myself sent back home, even if it were only a few days. My idea was that I should all of a sudden develop an attack of acute appendicitis.

  1. What do you think of their  pronunciation?
  2. Are there any aspects that could be improved?
  3. What are the problem words?
  4. Any problems with stress, falling in different syllables?
  5. What do homesickness and seasickness have in common?

Daryl’s recording

Sara’s recording

Judit‘s recording

1.en.24 stress and spelling make a difference!

In the few weeks we’ve been together you’ve learnt a lot about pronunciation, stress (nothing to do with the way you feel when you have lots of work), and phonemes.

Now all of you know what the acronym IPA stands for, don’t you?

Well, today we’ll use images to learn new words that can easily be confused.

I had not planned to make a post but Bernat’s mentioning the “rosaris ensucrats de llepolies i dolços” made me think of  yummy, yummy food.

Stress and spelling make a difference!

dessert /dɪ’zɜrt/ ( apple pie)

desert /’dɛzərt/ (Sahara)

Homework: for Thursday 4th November

1. What is your favourite dessert?

Run a search  for  deserts in the world, chose one and complete the fact file

2. Where is it?

3. How big is it?

4. What are the temperatures like?

5. Any relevant features

Copy the answers in your notebook and post your answers to the blog. You can repeat desserts, but not deserts. There are enough all over the world so, the faster you are, the easier it will be!

Here follow my answers as an example:

1. My favourite dessert is apple pie

Choose a world desert: The Gobi desert

2. Where is it?

The Gobi desert covers much of the southern part of Mongolia and northwestern China.

3. How big is it? is the fifth largest desert in the world.1,300,000 km²

4. What are the temperatures like?

Temperatures reach +40° C. in summer, and -40 in winter

5. Any relevant features?

Yes, there are few sand dunes in the Gobi;  you’ll find large barren plains of gravel and rocks.

Now, it  is your turn!

This is a link to Wekepidia’s list of world deserts greater than 50.000 km², but you might prefer to choose a smaller one. Up to you!

Remember that you must learn the information and be able to situate your desert in a world  map: Continent and country/ies. Do not  just copy information in the notebook, make the post and forget about it. Next Thursday you will not be you, your desert will take over your personality….  Remember how we played with the celestial bodies?

1.en.14. The longest place name in Britain. I bet you cannot pronounce this one!

Dear students,

I shall keep my word and will not make any new posts this week … well, except videos!

Just for fun, and no homework to be done. We  do a lot of pronunciation practice and you sometimes think English sounds are a bit difficult. Now, what do you think about this one. Can you pronounce it? Is it English? which language is it written in?

It is like a tongue twister, do you know what a tongue twister is?

1.en.8 Word of the day: run….run…. run…. what are Josep, María, Paula, Sergio, Andreu, Álvaro and Vladis planning to do?

run a Marathon ?running-marathon

or run  for class representative?

Sorry, Josep, I forgot to include you in the list of people from our class that will run for class representative. Vladis, I have added an”S” to your name. Sorry about that too. Well, if you find any other mistakes that slipped in the blog, write to me. I will appreciate it. Why? because it means that you read carefully the post.


words are tricky and fun

If you look up a dictionary , such as


you will find more than 97 meanings

for the verb to run.

I chose 3 for you:

run  /rʌn/

1. to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk
9. to be or campaign as a candidate for election.
  • 29.
to operate or function: How does your new watch run? Cars run on gasoline.

Now it is your turn:Look for  one more meaning  of the verb

” to run”. Let’s see what you find.

Homework:copy in your notebook a meaning of the verb to run you did not know

Today, during tutoría, we  did a class survey to find out the kind of class representative you would like to have. What was the result of the survey?

Homework: copy in your notebook the contribution of your group. Start like this

  • In our group, we have chosen………..

Post to the blog the two aspects  you value most in your class representative. Start like this

  • For me, a class representative must be/ should be      ………. and  ……