3.en.71 First third-term-post and a penguin slap for your exam answers

Today we shall correct the exam together. The last exam you did was published in the blog, so you had time to look at the questions at home and go back to the posts where  you had to look for the answers. After marking your papers, it seems to me that most of you answered the questions in the blog correctly but rather quickly and without paying too much attention to contents.

Let’s have a look at the very last question of your last exam, the one where  you were asked to write a paragraph about penguins. We had read two books about penguins ( a paper and a digital one) , completed a fact file, watched a couple of videos and spent two lessons  talking about these animals. Your answers in the exam were rather disappointing and some of you made big errors quite difficult to understand such as saying that penguings are mammals or that they live in the North Pole.  HELP!! What were you thinking about when you wrote such a thing?

You deserve a  swim in frozen water and a penguin slap, as the one in this animation

Well, before we move forward to the contents of the third term, we need to go back and check you understand your mistakes.

Have a look at this link and at the posts where we talked about penguins.

Now, if you know where to place these creatures in the world and the way they mate and reproduce, we can feel a bit more relaxed and move forward.

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2.en.46 Penguins: digital or paper?

We set off this year practising “WH” question words and finding out about the life of penguins. You have a book with some basic facts about this animal: its body, its food and its life cycle.

Here you can see similar information in a webpage called Icelands.

Homework Friday 14th. Read this on line book and answer the following questions

  1. Which one did you like best, the paper book or the digital one?
  2. why?
  3. Which one contained more information?
  4. Having read the paper book on the topic helped you understand the digital version?
  5. Now, read the fact file about polar bears and summarise the basic facts in your notebook.
  6. Post to the blog a fact about polar bears that surprised you, if any.

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