3.en.106 listening: What did you do yesterday?

Next week, you morning breaks will depend on your knowledge of irregular verbs. In this post  I will give you some help to learn irregular verbs other than memorising them . Listening to verbs being used in conversations is another way to fix long lists in your brain.

ELLO is a great site with lots of listening (not very long) on all sorts of topics. The site provides a transcript (do no cheat, try to listen a couple of times before you check content) and  multiple choice tests. If you do one or two listenings per week, your understanding will improve and your knowledge of irregular verbs too.

My choice today will be a listening to give you extra practice understanding past tenses. Six different people with different English accents, answer the same question: What did you do yesterday?

  • Do the multiple choice quizz and post your comments to the blog.
  • Did you find the listening difficult?
  • Did it help you to learn verbs and past tenses?
  • On Monday, I will pose the same question to you: What did you do Yesterday?
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3.en.104 Egypt: 3 English activities to revise what you learnt in History

After watching the interesting video about mummies Josep, your History teacher, uploaded to the blog, I was tempted to find out more about Egyptians and this is what I ended up with:  First of all, a bit of fun.

  •  Would you like to see what your name in hieroglyphs looks like?  Here follows mine, and if you want to find out yours, just click on this link, type your name and you’ll see your name Egyptian style.

  • In  www.bogglesworldesl.com, agreat site we have already used to learn how to write book reviews, there is a good crossword to learn some definitions of words connected with Ancient Egypt. Let’s see if you can do it.  There’s no key in the site, but I’m sure you will not need it.
  • Finally,  let’s try to organize our ideas about different aspects of Ancient Egypt: the river Nile, floods and irrigation, pharaos and writing .Also, in © www.bogglesworldesl.com, I found this worksheet to revise some concepts you learnt in your History class. it will help you improve your English tenses. Check past tenses.

                                           Ancient Egypt Cloze

Fill in the blanks with the words in the boxes.



Civilization on the Nile River






Ancient Egyptian civilization, which is famous for its colossal a)____________________ began over five b)____________________  years ago. It was centered around the c)____________________  River and surrounded by the inhospitable Sahara ____________________. The ancient Egyptians depended on the Nile for everything from water to d)____________________.
Floods and Irrigation






Though it almost never rains in the Nile River Valley, rains in the far away Ethiopian Highlands cause the Nile River to  e)____________________ every year. Ancient Egyptians believed that these yearly floods were caused by the f)____________________ of the goddess Isis. The floods carried rich soil with them, covering the Nile Delta with g)____________________ soil for growing h)____________________. Ancient Egyptians created an elaborate system of ditches and canals to i)_________________ their crops with the flood waters.




Great House

The ancient Egyptians were ruled by the  j)____________________, a title that means k)____________________. The pharaohs wore a double l)___________________, which represented their rule over Upper and Lower Egypt. When the pharaohs died they were buried in elaborate m)___________________.
Egyptian Writing





  Ancient Egyptians developed a system of n) ____________________ writing called hieroglyphics. Ancient Egyptians recorded their beliefs using hieroglyphics on temple and tomb o)____________________. They also wrote on scrolls made from p) ____________________. People who could write were important government officials called q)____________________.

©2008 www.bogglesworldesl.com

In this excellent English school site, you can find all the answers you might not know . Browse the section of the website dedicated to Egypt.

Post your answers to the crossword  and to the cloze the blog before Tuesday 17th

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