3.en.83 Sometimes things don’t turn out as planned

This week the two outings we had planned did not turn out exactly as expected. But that’s life isn’t it? Well, to begin with, we did not manage to reach the sea on Tuesday’s excursion. A fenced private property and a gate made us take the wrong way. However, if we look at the positive side of things, you had the opportunity to have a good time with friends and to enjoy nature. I forgot my camera, that explains why I cannot publish any pics in the blog until you send me some. This morning with Taylor, we practised narrating in groups what had happened. You did a good job and learnt a lot. Taylor and me had problems to remember what the English word for the sound donkeys make, but finally, with on line dictonary help, we got it! BRAY

So, while I wait for your homework and your pics from the donkeys we saw, I leave here in the blog a cute donkey braying desperately for food. Does it sound the same as the ones we heard during on the outing?

This morning you walked to la Caixa with Bernat, only to discover that it was the wrong day. The activity,taller d’interpretació poètica ,will be next week,Thursday the 7th of April. I apologize for mistaking the dates, but I am sure you enjoyed the walk with Bernat; it was a nice day today and he always has interesting stories to tell you.

Last year the poetry workshop was a success and I hope this year, we shall not miss it next Thursday, will be so too. Click here if you’d like to read what the students of 2nd ESO thought of it. I include a photo of the poetry festival that took place at la Caixa and a short video of Daryl and Xilin. This year it will be your turn.

These are  the first  narratives of the outing. They were fast to send them, well done!

HOMEWORK (Monday 4th April)

  • Can you find any mistakes, can you suggest any improvements?
  • Spelling?
  • Word choice?
  • Coherence?
  • Organization of ideas?
  • Paragraph structure?

Send your suggestions to the blog. On Monday we shall correct them together.

Have a nice weekend!

The outing.

Last Tuesday we went on an outing to “es port des Canonge” with two school buses. When we arrived we walked along some routes for about 30 minuts, but we saw two different routes and we got lost. We walked up the mountain to find the buses. When the teachers found the buses, we went back to the high school. We arrived at high school at quarter past one. From Palma to “port des Canonge” there’s approximately one hour by bus. The weather was sunny and hot. On the outing there were about one hundred students.
Written by Marga, Joan, Pau and Marta.

Port d’es Canonge outing:

The last tuesday we went to an excursion called “Port d’es Canonge”.We were 100 persons more or less and we took two buses. The weather was sunny and a little bit cloudy.
When we arrived to the roat we walked 35 minutes and later we took other way and in that moment we got lost in the top of the mountain. We were very tired when we found a flat area. In that moment all the teachers called to some mini-buses to take us from that place.
That excursion was very funy because you can talk and you can have fun with your friends but in some moments the excusrion was tired and boring.
Writen by Noé, Paula Gomila, Joan Sebastià and Marina.

The outing:
On Tuesday we went to an excursion to “Port des Canonge”.
We were about 100 people and we went with two buses.
The bus left us near the “farm of esporles”.
We started walking and we found a propriety that was closed by a fence.
Then we started to climb the mountain and we went to a wrong path and we got lost.

-The best thing of the excursion is that we did different things that all the other days. For example, talk a lot.

-And the worst thing is that we got lost and we were tired.

Written by Ariadna Balufo


Last tuesday we went to an outing to “Es Port des Canonges” . We were approximatety 100 people. We went in two buses. First the day was cloudy, but after the sun came and the day was very good.

When we arrived, we walked to searched the beach, but we got lost. Then continue another way around the mountain to reach the top. There we stopped to ate and then continue and reach the road. There the teachers called the buses, we came for. The bus left us at the school, where we left each home.

This outing are very good and funny, because we took for the friends and played. If we had lost, would had been better.

Paula Socies, Ritish, Isabela and Sergio.

The outing:
The last Tuesday we went on an outing to “Port des Canonge”. It was sunny and hot. We went with two buses. We were one hundred students. We wanted to go, but there were some problems. We walked and we went up and down.
In one part of the way, there were two ways, and we take the wrong way. In one part of this way, we found a dead goat. A little bit later, we stoped and we lunched. Some of the techers went to search the way. We walked, and in one part, we found bones. The teachers decided we have to return. In the high school, we had free time, and we played and talked about the outing.
-The good point is that we do some different.
-The bad point is we were very tired.

Written by Alvaro, Alba, Andrea and Vladis.


2.en.64 Outing to Sóller: 21st February 2011

Next Monday we are going on an outing to Sóller. Today we are going to make groups and talk about the aims of the outing. This is the first post of a series of 3 that will give you instructions on what you have to do and what we expect from your work. These are some of the words that you will find in your visit. I’m sure that after the outing to Sóller you will recognize most of them.

The teacher will give you a map and a dossier You must bring something to take notes in ( a notebook is better to take notes than loose sheets of paper) and something to write (pen or pencil). Remember that you will need a camera and something to eat and drink during the morning.


After the outing, each group must produce a power point presentation and present it orally to the class

  • The power point must have 11  slides.
  • Each slide will reflect  an aspect of the visit.
  • You must include one or two pics per slide, a catchy caption and a few lines.
  • A power point presentation is not meant to be read, but to provide visual support for your oral presentation.
  • You must hand in a written description of each slide (30 to 50 words) but do not include the written descriptions in the part of the slide that you will show to the class.
  • Hand in the slide description to the teacher and include it as “notes”. This part will be assessed as a writing exercise


  1. The journey
  2. The train station
  3. The Botanic Garden.
  4. A plant or a tree endemic of the Balearic islands.
  5. The Town:fact file
  6. The Cemetery
  7. Modernism
  8. The building that gives name to your group
  9. The shops
  10. A picture gallery: your choice of pics to comment in front of the class
  11. Assessment and glossary


Group 1-La casa de Sa Lluna-. Group leader: Noé.

Members: Noé, Jhazmin, Joan Sebastià,  Maria.

Group 2-Can Prunera-. Group leader: Ariadna.

Members: Ariadna,Silvia, Joan and Pau Seguí

Group 3 .- Can Querol- Group leader: Miquel

Members:Miquel, Paula Socies, Pau Campomar and Izabella

Group 4. -the Gran Hotel- Group leader: Josep

Members: Josep, Andrea, Andreu and Alba

Group 5 . -The Bank of Sóller- Group leader: Alvaro

Members: Alvaro, Marta, Marga, Vladis

Group 6. -San Bartolomè parish church-Group leader: Paula

Members: Paula Gomila, Marina, Ritish and Sergio

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2.en.44 Last outing before 2011. Lartigue’s photos

This is our last pic from 2010. Next year we’ll take new ones.

Hi everyone!

I’m really happy with the way you worked this morning. Judging from your comments on the  powerpoint presentations, all of you seem to enjoy outings and feel you learn a lot. You are getting used to working in groups and learning to find information in the internet.

This first term we’ve been to several photographic exhibitions and discovered many things about the people reflected in the pictures, the time when the photos were taken and the perspective of the photographer.

You have learnt that tasks help you reflect on what you do and your behaviour in exhibitions and museums has improved. Well done!

Here you can see some pics I took this morning. You look really absorbed in your work, and at the same time you seem to be having a good time.

Marina, Izabela and Andrea looking at stereographs.

Marta, Silvia, Marga and Ariadna taking notes in the dossier

Andreu, Joan and Alvaro looking at some books while other students look at photos in the background

Alba looking at how women looked like in the 1920's

Did you like the exhibition?

Did the work you did on line before going helped you?

Did the dossier help you reflect on what you saw?

Post your comments to the blog before Wednesday 22nd.


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2.en.40 A successful outing: Congratulations!

Dear students,

Today the outing turned out very well, this is what the teachers, Bernat and María thought of the tour, a real success. Congratulations for your behaviour, your work and your enthusiam. You worked very well, took notes, listen carefully to the explanations of our  guide and showed interest in learning. Our excellent guide, María Vallespir, did a great job too. Thanks to her we all learnt a lot of interesting stories about our city, its histoy and some of its most emblematic monuments.  The weather was fine, a bit chilly in the early morning but nice and sunny. So, nothing to complain about. Now, we would like to know your opinion too. The outing does not finish but stretches in the work you have to do in groups and in the powerpoints you will have to present.

You also had time to enjoy and unexpected things turned up, such us the man making huge soap bubbles in front of the cathedral, or discovering  your Catalan teacher’s street!

Here you can see Bernat posing in Carrer de Sant Bernat

In this pic, you can see that the man managed to trap inside the bubble a tourist who was sitting in the background.

from our school we went down Sa Riera until we got to Can Sales, The Crypt of Sant Llorenç and  the Church of Santa Creu, walking along the sea front towards the east, stopping at the Llotja de la Mercaderia (Market exchange), visiting the Cathedral, glancing at the  court yard of Can Olesa and taking a rest at the Bishop’s garden were some of the things that kept us busy this morning.

Now, in order to help you carry out your taks, I will give you  two very useful sites:

  1. Balears cultural tour where you can do a virtual tour of the places we visited this morning. The site has different language options: Catalan, Spanish,  German and English. No excuse for making spelling mistakes in your dossiers. I’m sure that you took great notes but you can also check them. Now it is time to repeat the walk, This time virtually. Take a virtual walk!
  2. Gothic Palma. A jewel, not to be missed. An amazing site that lets you visit all gothic buildings in Palma, Cathedral and Santa Creu included. You can also activate the site in different languages. On top of great pics and information you can also listen to music and watch videos.
  3. Mallorca Daily Photoblog, from our friend Klaus, a never ending source of infomation about Palma. This site you all know, it is among our permanent links in our blogroll.

I will upload a slide presentation with the pics I took this morning.

Check the site and post your comments on the outing and Mallorca cultural tour site to the blog.

1.en.19 Congratulations for your good work on the 22nd October! some pics to illustrate Bernat’s post 1.ca.15

Dear Students,

Bernat is not only a wizard with words, he is also a well of wisdom , he told us lots of interesting stories about Santa Catalina, the Mills in Indústria, the buildings we found on our way and many aspects that, without his wise words, would have passed unnoticed to our eyes.

We also learnt that

8 eyes see more than 2 and 8 ears hear more than 2 too

so, here follows a selection of some pics I took during the outing, but I’m sure you have many others that will help us rememember the good time we spent together and the things we learnt.

Aquesta presentació amb diapositives necessita JavaScript.

This week we shall work on the dossier and find out  all the findings the different groups did. I’m sure we shall discover new things that others managed to see.

If you have nice pics, bring them on a pen drive, and we’ll upload them to the blog.

1.en.17. Instructions for the outing of the 22nd

This outing is the third one of a series we shall be doing during the year. We would like you to understand that learning is something that can also take place outside school. A school outing is just a different kind of lesson.

Instructions for the city walk:

  • You will work in groups of 4
  • Each group will have a spokesperson who will be responsible for communicating with the teacher.
  • During the visit the group members must stay together in order to carry out the tasks.
  • You must behave in an appropriate way; no shouting, running or using rude language.
  • Each teacher will communicate with you in a different language. We know that for most of you English is more difficult to understand than Catalan or Spanish but you can try to use simple and short words. Anyway, do not worry too much. Eventually you’ll get to understand much more.
  • Everyone will take notes in the dossier where you will find the tasks that you will be doing with your group and some space to take notes
  • We shall stop during the walk to have a snack, so remember to bring something to drink, a sandwich and/or a piece of fruit.