1.en.22 The Youtube Symphony Orchestra experience

Are you familiar with the names of the musical instruments in an orchestra?Can you distinguish their individual sounds? In this great site from the San Francisco Synphony Orchestra, you can listen to all of them. Browse the site and  post to the blog your comments. 

clik in this link 

In your group there are a few students who have to make a great effort to attend music lessons after school. Playing in an orchestra might be for those students  part of their  dream.  In most famous orchestras there are musicians from all over the world. It is very difficult to get to play, let’s say in the Vienna Philharmonic. Only the very best at world level manage to make it. That is the reasonwhy famous orchestras act as magnets and people move countries to be able to play in them.   However, even if being a soloist at the Vienna Philharmonic is something reserved for just a few, the Internet has made  possible that musicians from all over the world gather for a few days to play music in concerts halls such as the Sydney Opera , where usually only most famous orchestras play. In fact, the internet has made things easier for musicians and music lovers, from listening to music  to  to sharing what you do with other music lovers from all over the world. Let’s see what you think of this project.

Task 1: What is the You tube Symphony Orchestra?  search in the internet and asnwer these questions: 

You may want to start by visiting its  you tube channel

  1. Why is it called The Youtube Symphony Orchestra?
  2. When was the project launched?
  3. How were the members of the orchestra chosen?
  4. Where did the auditions take place?
  5. Were there any important orchestras  that supported the porject?
  6. When did the 2010 Concert take place?
  7. What about the 2011 Grand Finale?
  8. Who was the conductor of the concerts?
  9. Where did the orchestra get funding for the project?
  10. What is the name of the Orchestra conductor  and artistic director?

Task 2:15 musicians and 15 questions

Here follows a table of 15 different musicians. All of them have a short You Tube video presenting themselves. Listen to the video and take notes about what they say .  Use the set of 15 question  questions to help you take notes. You will not find answers for every questions in each video.  As a result, choose the 2 videos you found most interesting and post your comments to the blog. 

  1. Add some extra information about the musician: age, looks, impression she/he makes on you,
  2. Imagine you were a journalist . You have to choose a quote from one of the videos that would make the headlines. Which one would yuou choose?
  3. What about their English?
  4. Where are they from? Do they give any extra information other than their country of origin?
  5. Do they live in the same country were they were born? If not, why?
  6. Are they currently taking music lessons/ working?
  7. At what age did they start playing?
  8. Who intoduced them to their istrument?
  9. Was it love at first sight with the instrument or did it take longer?
  10. Do they come form a family with a musical background?
  11. Where was the presentation video recorded?
  12. Do the images of the video provide any additional information about the city/house were the musician lives ?
  13. Why did they decide to take part in the youtube synphony orchestra project?
  14. How do they feel about having been selected?
  15. What were their expectations about travelling to Sidney, Australia?
Name Country Instrument
1 Su Changhttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/u/37/UNQFg0wRQX0 China Guzheng
2 Stepan Grytsayhttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/u/33/xUQkHstimko Ukraine/Argentina Violin
3 Roman Riedelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/u/34/yAS2-543mhw Germany Trombone
4  Mary Bowdenhttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/u/52/xzXgdWC8GMQ US Trumpet
5 Maria Chiossi http://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/26/t5iG2xj6awU Italy Harp
6  David Barrera http://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/4/PR-loarf240 Spain cello
7  Tristan Chenevez http://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/16/TCdf97GdNDQ France violin
8  Ilya Gotchevhttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/CA6F781A4A2BB93B/5/h-zjc9CznZE Bulgaria violin
9 Michelle Hwu  http://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/CA6F781A4A2BB93B/8/JwYhQMFIVtw Canada Percussionist
10  Paul Hung,http://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/9/vrBbt3qZMEc Taiwan/Canada flute
11 Emmanuel Danan http://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/CA6F781A4A2BB93B/17/mZAUpT1wP3M Israel 0boe
12 Meet Ozgur Baskinhttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/A549919ADC9C77A5 Turkey Violin
13 Meet Ali Bellohttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/A549919ADC9C77A5/0/43Ry35SxOsE Venezuela/USA Violin
14 Meet Paulo Calligopouloshttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/A549919ADC9C77A5/3/SXALndNdTQ0 Brazil piano
15 Meet Xiomara Masshttp://www.youtube.com/user/symphony#p/c/A549919ADC9C77A5/9/l-Y-J-FBH-U Puerto Rico/Usa Oboe
Here, by clicking in the different instruments of the orchestra, a new window will open. You will be able to see some basic facts about the musicianS: age, time when he/she started playing and a fun fact. I have done some reseach for you and have chosen 15. Now it is your turn. Let’s see if you find an interesting story you’d like to share with your classmates. 

Homework: Monday 13th November. Do the tasks. Copy the answers in your notebook and post a comment to the blog on the two musicians you liked best. 


3.en.91 Top forty live: outing with Paquita, your music teacher.

On Tuesday April 12th you had the opportunity to visit a radio studio and see first hand the job of a broadcaster, and how the top 40 are made. Ritish’s birthday song was heard all over Majorca and some of you suddenly decided that in the future you’d like to work in the radio and become a  broadcaster.

It was an exciting experience, wasn’t it?

Now you have to show that you can behave in music lessons as well as you did during the outing.

I’ve just got a video that I will upload here for you.

Thanks , again to Paquita and to the people from the top 40, who were so nice with you.


  • Have you learnt how to say everything in 30 seconds?
  • What about the contest?
  • How many people listen to the top 40?
  • What did you like best about the visit?
  • What surprised you most?

Post your comments to the blog for Friday 15th April