3.en.111 twenty-four questions about food and some new words

You must be very busy finding out how much food you’ll need to feed a family. Probably, you’ll be surprised when you sort out how much money you’ll need. A good way to go about that could be to check with your parents, they surely have got experience at making ends meet.  

However, today I want you to look at food and eating habits in a different way: practising questions. 

I have a list of questions for you about food. Some of them are very easy to answer, while you’ll need to put some thought into it to answer others. Brunchpot-luck, fishbonepizza topping,  are some of the words you’ll be familiar with after answering these 24 questions

  1. Do you ever skip breakfast? If so, how often and why?
  2. Do you like trying new foods? What was your latest discovery?
  3. How often do you/your parents go shopping for food? do you go with them?
  4. Does your family have any special recipes that are passed down from generation to generation? Which one?
  5. Have you ever eaten something that made you ill?
  6. Do you have any food allergies?
  7. Do you use spices in your meals? Which one is your favourite?
  8. What’s your favorite snack?
  9. Are you worried about your calorie intake?
  10. Do you like deep fried food?
  11. Are there any foods that you wouldn’t eat as a child that you eat now?
  12. Do you eat fruit every day?How many pieces as an average?
  13. Do you think fast food, soda and sweets should be sold in school cafeterias?What do you buy in the school cafeteria?
  14. Is there any food that you really dislike to eat?
  15. What kind of vegetables do you like? Can you name three?
  16. When was the last time you ate at a restaurant?
  17. Do you think obesity is becoming a problem in the United States and throughout the world?Why?
  18. Do you like brunch? Have you had it?
  19. Have you ever found something disgusting in your food?
  20. Have you ever been to a pot-luck dinner? What did you bring?
  21. Have you ever got a fishbone is caught in your throat? What did you do?
  22. What is your favorite pizza topping?
  23. What did you eat for lunch yesterday?
  24.  How long do  you/your parents spend in the kitchen every day proparing family meals?

HOMEWORK : Tuesday 31st May

Everyone must answer these 24 questions in their notebook. Then, each person will post the answer to one question to the blog. We’ll follow alphabetical order. Number 1 Izabela, and so on. Each person will be responsible for putting his/her question to other classmates and make a comment in the blog.

For example, if I was responsible for question nuber 1,  I would say: I sometimes skip breakfast in the morning, but not very often. I skip breakfast when I oversleep and I’m late for school. I asked 5 teachers from the English department and none of them  skip breakfast.

Finally, a big challenge for those of you who are web detective experts.

  • What country do you have to be in in order to taste Cris’s brunch? …  Can you guess?  I bet you’ll be surprised
  • Who is the “ethical chef” that explains what a pot.luck is?
  • Where is he from?
  • Why does he call himself “ethical”?

I have linked the images to the blogs, so it will not be difficult to find out. Let’s see who is the first one to answer. (4 extra bonus in irregular verbs)

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3.en.107 Let’s get ready to feed a family of four for a week

This morning, we organized the groups for the Olivar Market outing. You  worked  making a list of the food you would need to feed a family of four during a week. Many of you were surprised at the amount of food that you would need to get. Well, here you can find help to learn how to say and pronounce different kinds of food in English.

  • Each one should learn 10 new words, with a native like accent.  Words connected with food, of course!
  • Do the exercises and post the words you’ve learnt to the blog.(Monday 30th)
  • Did your vocabulary improve after doing these exercises?

  1. http://www.languageguide.org/english/vocabulary/fruit/
  2. http://www.languageguide.org/english/vocabulary/vegetables/
  3. http://www.languageguide.org/english/vocabulary/food/
  4. http://www.eflnet.com/vocab/dictionary/veggies2.php
  5. http://www.eflnet.com/vocab/dictionary/fruit1.php
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3.en.85 Some poems to open your appetite

On Thursday, we shall take part in a poetry workshop in La Caixa.

Here follow some fun poems to open your poetic appetite. Enjoy!

I Eat

I eat apples-
crunch, crunch, crunch
I eat sandwiches-
munch, munch, munch
I eat lollipops-


I do not like the way you slide,
I do not like your soft inside,
I do not like you many ways,
And I could do for many days,
Without a soft-boiled egg.
lick, lick, lick
But I eat ice cream
quick, quick, quick!

In these little poems you can find many onomatopoeias. Do you know what onomatopoeias are?

An onomatopoeia is a type of word that sounds like the thing it is describing.1. Match the following sentences to the onomatopoeia that describes them. 

A plate being dropped on the floor.
A balloon being burst.
A gun being shot.
Someone eating crisps.
A light being switched on.
A fierce dog.
A small bell being rung.

Can you think of any more onomatopoeias? List them.