1.en.19 Congratulations for your good work on the 22nd October! some pics to illustrate Bernat’s post 1.ca.15

Dear Students,

Bernat is not only a wizard with words, he is also a well of wisdom , he told us lots of interesting stories about Santa Catalina, the Mills in Indústria, the buildings we found on our way and many aspects that, without his wise words, would have passed unnoticed to our eyes.

We also learnt that

8 eyes see more than 2 and 8 ears hear more than 2 too

so, here follows a selection of some pics I took during the outing, but I’m sure you have many others that will help us rememember the good time we spent together and the things we learnt.

Aquesta presentació amb diapositives necessita JavaScript.

This week we shall work on the dossier and find out  all the findings the different groups did. I’m sure we shall discover new things that others managed to see.

If you have nice pics, bring them on a pen drive, and we’ll upload them to the blog.



Hem visitat el museu del Baluard (que sona igual que si s’escrigués “Balu-art”). Pel camí hem aprofitat per fixar-nos en els molins, l’església, un gran pi, el teatre Mar i Terra, l’hostal Cuba i les murades.
Recordau la panoràmica que hem vist des de la terrassa del museu. Es podien veure molts dels edificis emblemàtics que hem estant comentant aquests dies. Per exemple, cap a la dreta: el castell de Bellver, l’Auditòrium i els molins del Jonquet. I cap a l’esquerra, la catedral.
Durant la visita del Baluard heu après, a més d’altres coses, el concepte artístic del mot “abstracte”. Dins el museu hem gaudit de contemplar obres d’art (escultures, pintures i fotografies) i submergir-nos dins l’aljub.
Ara aclucau els ulls i recordau la panoràmica de la badia de Palma en la vostra imaginació. Creis que és bellesa abstracta o bellesa concreta? És igual. Bellesa. Recordem també el paradís de Formentera.
El dilluns aprendrem més coses. Bon cap de setmana. Gràcies per haver treballat tan bé. Els monitors ens han donat l’enhorabona.

1.en.17. Instructions for the outing of the 22nd

This outing is the third one of a series we shall be doing during the year. We would like you to understand that learning is something that can also take place outside school. A school outing is just a different kind of lesson.

Instructions for the city walk:

  • You will work in groups of 4
  • Each group will have a spokesperson who will be responsible for communicating with the teacher.
  • During the visit the group members must stay together in order to carry out the tasks.
  • You must behave in an appropriate way; no shouting, running or using rude language.
  • Each teacher will communicate with you in a different language. We know that for most of you English is more difficult to understand than Catalan or Spanish but you can try to use simple and short words. Anyway, do not worry too much. Eventually you’ll get to understand much more.
  • Everyone will take notes in the dossier where you will find the tasks that you will be doing with your group and some space to take notes
  • We shall stop during the walk to have a snack, so remember to bring something to drink, a sandwich and/or a piece of fruit.