2.en.45 A digital way of telling old stories: What do Christians celebrate at Christmas?

Let’s see what you think of the digital story of nativity a teacher from the English department sent us as a Christmas card.

  • What are the new new technological tools that appear in this digital story of nativity?
  • Did you like the video?

Happy Christmas!



2.en.42 Carols: new and old versions

Christmas is approaching at full speed and we have been so busy that we have had no time for singing. Here you can find an old time classic” The Twelve days of Christmas” . Last year we did our own version of the carol. Made up a list of 12 presents and customised the carol according to our likes. You can look at the nice versions 2n year ESO students made.

This year we shall not have time to repeat the experience. I also know that with Paquita, your music teacher you’ve been rehearsing and that you are planning to play very nice songs. I’m looking forward to see your performance.

Anyway, I would like you to have a look at this traditional Christmas carol and then compare it with the funny Shreck version.

I prefer the Shreck version with the…

“fire breathing dragon just for me”, “two wee rats”, “three little pigs” ,“Four exploding birds” ,“five onion rings”, ” six mirrors cracking” ,“seven dwarves a jamming” ,”eight cookies talking” ,”nine mice a tripping”, “ten puppets dancing” ,“eleven fairies dusting” “twelve man a dancing”

But the traditional carol is not bad either.

Which one do you like best?

Write your choice to the blog. You can also contribute with a list of twelve presents for Christmas. Try to make them rhyme.

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