2.en.69 Leaf through books on line “The Prince of Mist”

Many on line shops such as Amazon give you the option to leaf through a book before you actually get it, as if you were in a bookshop: you can see the cover, read some excerpts and have a look at the illustrations.

In the previous post you have listened to some reviews of “The prince of Mist”. Now, you can flick through on line and find out what the book in English is like.

Homework: (Tuesday, 8th March )

Read the first page of the book in English and answer the questions.

  1. Have you ever bought a book on line?
  2. Do you think is a good way to leaf through books?
  3. Buying on line or in a bookshop? What do you prefer? Why?
  4. Had you ever checked the contents of a book on line before?

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2.en.55 Useful templates and guidelines from Bogglesworld to talk about books and stories

Booglesworld is a great website where you can find plenty of materials to improve your English. We have already used a handout from bogglesworld to learn how to talk about films. Now I will add a set of word documents you can download and print. We shall work with them in class. They will help you to write excellent book reports. There are “samples” and “templates”.

Print the set and keep them together in a plastic folder. Take them to class next week. After using them, I would appreciate your feedback. Send your comments to the blog.

Book report sample (1)

Book report template (2)

What is the setting? (3)

Different settings (4)

Setting cloze (5)

Setting and characters (6)

Heroes and Villains (7)



1.en.6. Books: parts of a book (1)

Last week we spent a  session looking at the different parts of a book and at the information displayed: author, publisher, table of contents, ISBN, glossary, illustrator, index.

this excellent presentation made by Tiger Creek Elementary will help you revise the concepts we learnt . The presentation includes two examples of children books with no labels for you to name the different parts of a book.

After watching the presentation, do this on line test to check how good you are at identifying the parts of a book

On line test

  • Did you find the slide presentation helpful?
  • Did you learn anything?
  • Post your comments to the blog and copy the new words you learnt in your notebook. Remember to wrote a heading to your notes: 1.en.6. Books: parts of a book
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