3.en.51 Getting started!

Hello students!

After a couple of months of well deserved holidays, we return to our classes again. I am sure you will miss María so much this year, but let’s hope our classes are almost as good and fun as hers.

Let’s have a start by taking a look at our stuff. As I’ve told you in class today, I’m sure that not many Spanish kids would post an entry on their videoblog about their school material, but that’s something usual in the US, for instance.

Let’s have a look at this girl talking about her supplies for the school year.

Now answer these questions about the video:

1. What kind of stores are “Target” and “Staples“? Google them, visit their websites and explain briefly.

2. What type of notebooks does the girl in the video like? Do you agree with her?

3. Which notebook has she chosen for her French class? Why?

4. What sort of staples did she buy? How much did she pay for them?

5. The girl in the video bought both notebooks and binders. Are you a binder user, a notebook user or both? Why?

6. Do you go shopping with your family at the beginning of the school year for school supplies? Do you know how much your family have spent on school material this year?

7. What things that are not in the girl’s  haul would you include in yours?

8. If you had to write a videoblog entry today, what would it be about?


1.en.1 Welcome back to School. A new “2” and 8 new classmates

Hi everyone!

After a long summer break, it was nice to see you again this morning. We have moved to the second floor, so Emili has added a 2 to the name of our blog: Saps que tè dic 2. You are sencond year students, aren’t you?

Well, our new class is nice, let’s keep it that way, clean and tidy. There were also some changes. Unfortunately, some students did not work hard enough and had to move to a different group. Anyway, they are still in the same school and we hope to keep in touch with them.  We wish them all the best, and who knows, maybe in 3rd or 4th year ESO or in Batxillerat, we’lll be together again. We wish Alba, Alvaro, Pau Seguí, Pau Campomar and Ritish all the best.

8 new students have joined us. I trust you to help them around and make them feel part of the group as soon as possible: welcome to all of them: Marina Barcenas, Isidro de la Torre, Elena Flaquer, Tomás Golomb, Clara and Julia Mulet, Ariadna Oliver and Elena Vollmer.

Miquel Blanch had an accident while diving, but he is much better and will join us soon.

Well, I gave you some homework today. Some of you did some work during summer and shared it with me via Google docs. Here is Marina Escarpa’s power point about her summer. She had an interesting summer and we’ll use it as a starting point to talk about what everyone did.

I have highlighted a few errors in yellow. Let’s see if you can correct them. As usual post your comments to the blog. You can also add a couple of questions you would like to ask Marina. I will do the first one for you.

  • Did you see any riots while you were in London?

Some of you only sent me a short summary of your summer. You will need to bring a couple of pics. We shall correct some of the texts. Here follows Andreu’s.

I have highlighted in yellow some of the errors. Let’s see if you can correct them.

Send comments/corrections to the blog and think of questions you would like to ask Andreu.

Next post, I will upload some images from my summer. You see everyone has to do homework, including your teacher.

See  you  as soon as our school is in good shape…

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