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  1. izabelaigorova02 Says:

    *The first day of new school year, we met our new teacher of English, Sergio. We started doing an activitie with our partner, that consisted in tell two numbers that you chose, and write something special for you with does two numbers, (Importantas dates, family’s celebraiting..etc.).
    Most of the important things that some people saying were the birthday of someone of his family.

    *Some vocabulary:

  2. Goran Dmitrov Avramov Says:


    Today we started correcting the post that we had to do for homework (3.en.51 Getting started!)
    In this post we had to answer some questions about a video that an american girl made. The topic of the video was:
    School stuff.

    Then, we read started to read some information about Olympic Games because Sergio said to us that the topic on what we are going to work are sports. Why? Because this summer, there were the Olympic Games in London.
    Now we know that the Olympic Games came form Ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were a ritual in honour of Zeus.

    Vocabulary that we learned today:

    – Gather: Reunirse
    – Pocket money: Paga
    – Thrive: Prosperar
    – Held: Tener lugar
    – Lambs: Cordero
    – Deer: Ciervo

    We learned also:

    A piece of: Furniture, news…
    An item of: Clothes…

    Pig –> Pork
    Cow –> Veal
    Deer –> Venison
    Chicken/Hen –> Poultry

  3. alvaroalemany Says:

    * Last day we finish the work of the numbers, because some people did not finish the work.
    .After you put a video of one girl that she told abot the material of the school.
    She bought many things: staples, many notebooks, books, stachels… When the video ended we had to answer some qüestions about the video.

    • alvaroalemany Says:


      * Last day we finish the work of the numbers because some people did not say his sentences, that’s consits to think two numbers and write one sentence for each number.
      Then, Sergio ( the teacher ) put a video of one girl that she told about the material of the school. She bought many things: books, notebooks…

      Homework: do the post ” 3.en.51 Getting started! “, that’s we have to see the video again and answer 8 qüestions about the video.

  4. ariadnabalufo Says:

    Today in English class we started talking about the art day. Then we continued correcting our homework about the Olympic and Paralympic games. We had to answer a few questions like: what sports are included in the Olympic and Paralympic games and what is the meaning of the five rings in the Olympic symbol.
    After we said some facts that will be reminded from London 2012 Olympic Games. For example the record of medals of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt’s World Record. Then we saw a video about Usain Bolt race and most of his celebration where he did a couple of press-ups.
    Finally we did a worksheet about Usain Bolt, his race and his celebration.

    -Venue: place were an event takes place.
    -Leaflet: folleto
    -“Now and then”= “From time to time”: de vez en cuando.

    • ariadnabalufo Says:

      We have to do the post “3.en.52 Ready for some trainig?” in wich we have to choose a sport person and answer some questions about this person.

      • ariadnabalufo Says:

        We have to do the post “3.en.52 Ready for some training?” in which we have to choose a sport person and answer some questions about this person.

  5. marinabarcenas Says:

    Today, in english class, we did an activity whit our clasmates about the homeworks for today, it was very simple, we had to talk whit other five mates and change the post’s information and know some new things and a bit more about sports and medals.

      • marinabarcenas Says:

        Correction: Today, we started the class doing an activity with our classmates about the post of the olympic games that was the homework for today. The activity was very simple, it consisted in change your post’s information with other five mates and know new things about sport and some sport person’s peculiarities. For example, if you have to interview me, you have to put in your notebook anything similar to this:
        Name: Philips Idowu; age:33; sport:Triple jump; weigh:83kg: heigh:1,93m; and later some quotes about his diet and his body .
        Today we didn’t do vocabulary but maybe some mate knew new vocabulary to the post.
        the homework for tomorrow are:
        – Make a written with all the information that we have about the activity.
        – Search an article about olympic games and know all vocabulary that appear there.

  6. miquelbv9 Says:


    First we started the class some diaries that ere not correct so we talked about how have to be a good diary and it need three parts: Vocabulary, Activities done in class and Homework. Finaly we explained to our partner the article we chose of the Olympics and then Sergio said who have to stend up on front of the class and explain what was the article of his neighbor about.

    Homework: For Friday 28th do the post of the blog and for Wednesday do a video in pairs were one of the pair have to be the sportman and the other have to be the journalist. Aprox. 3 min.

    New vocabulary learned today:

    -Outstanding: Sobresaliente.
    -Old number: Número inpar.
    -Even number: Número par.
    -Pleased: Satisfecho.
    -Crowd: Multitud.
    -Mock: Burlarse de alguien.

  7. joansebastiabosch Says:

    Today we have corrected blog’s homework and listened some videos to coment the spell of some Spanish sportspeople, Later we have done some exercices about Oscar Pistorius .

    Homework: Do number 3 of the photocopy and 1 with quote evidences and research about Oscar Pistorius

    to mumble: No abrir los labios al hablar
    Fluent: A better mastery of the language
    Hint. pista

  8. joansebastiabosch Says:

    Tdoday we have corrected blog’s homework and listened some videos of Spanish sportspeople to comment her pronunciations. Later, Sergio give us a photocopy with exercices about Oscar Pistorius, that we corrected oraly.

    To mumble: No abrir los labios al hablar
    Fluent: Fluideza con la que habla una persona
    Hint: Pista

    Homework: do number 3 of the photocopy, 1 with quote evidences, and research as much as possible about Oscar Pistorius

  9. marinaescarpa11 Says:

    -Today in English class, we translate three sentences that Sergio wrote on the board like: The crowd cheered the paralimpic athlete right after winning the race or to be/in order to be a good sportman it’s necessary to follow a diet and train every day… Later we correct the first and the second exercices from the sheet of homework about Oscar Pistorius and some synonims.
    -We learnt some vocabulary like:
    *overcome or get over: suprar una enfermedad, un problema…
    *Thus: convirtiéndose así.
    *Former: anterior, previo.
    *The difference between training and work out: training is based in a specific sport; work out is based in a better body condition.
    -Homework: Learning by heart the previous information that we search from Iscar Pistorius.

  10. andreafr98 Says:

    -Today in English class Sergio gave us the sheet of verbs that we have to learned for friday. Then, we read the verbs and also we translate it . Finally, some people tell us their information about Oscar Pistorious.

    Some vocabulary that we didn’t know:
    -Bend:doblar. -Dwell:habitar.
    -Bet:apostar. -Flee: huir.
    -Bit:apostar con dinero. -Fling:lanzar.
    -Bleed:sangrar. -Forgive:perdonar.
    -Blow:soplar. -Hang:colgar.
    -Burst:explotar. -Hide:esconder.
    -Creep:arrastrarse. -Hit:pegar.
    -Cast:lanzar. -Hurt:dañar. -Deal:negociar. -Lend:dejar.

    -For friday we have to learn the verbs from AWAKE – MEET because in ten minutes we have to do an exam.

  11. elenaa98 Says:

    -Today, at the beginning of the class, Sergio gave us five minutes to review the irregular verbs we had to study, and then, we did a ten-minutes exam about them. After, we watched some videos we did interviewing an sportperson and we had to correct the mistakes we heard or watched. We also commented wether they had good accent or not, we also paid attention to their pronunciation and the video’s sound quality, and learnt some tips to make a good video.

    – We haven’t learnt any vocabulary today.

    – On Monday, we’ll have to show Sergio our irregular verbs list with the meaning of each verb on it.

  12. tomasGD Says:

    First, Sergio told us that on Monday of the next week we will have the exam of the second part of the irregular verbs. After we continued looking more videos of the interview with a sportperson.

    Tie -> Empatar

    Send your mail to sergio, because he has to send us some homework that he can’t put in the blog.

  13. paulinguigs Says:

    Today in English class, Sergio asked for the people who send the e-mail yesterday and on monday. Then we did gramatic with the present simple and continuous and after that, Alvaro gave us the verbs exam
    The present simple is used by routines or habits. For example: I do my homework…
    The continuous it is used by universal truths: never, hardly ever, sometimes, often and always.
    Usual truths:
    – sometimes: can go in front, in the middle and at the end of the sentence.
    – never, hardly ever, often and always: when it has the verb “to be” it goes in the back.

    Exercice: “A trekking Journal”:
    (Be): is
    (Shake): are shaking.
    (Kill, reallly): are really killing.
    (Want, still): still want.
    (Be) is.
    (Try): ‘m trying.
    (Learn): ‘m learning.
    (Learn, not): don’t learn.
    (Understand): don’t understand.
    (Improve, gradually): ‘m gradually improving.
    (Travel, currently): ‘m currently travelling.
    (Be): is.
    (Walk, always): always walk.
    (Complain): complains.
    (Do): do.
    (Sit): is sitting.
    (Discuss): are discussing.
    (Know, not): don’t know.
    (Call, just): just calls.
    (Speak): speaks.
    (Try): tries.
    (Say): says.
    (Seem, also): also seems.

    To shake: temblar.
    To bleed: sangrar.
    Ahead: adelante.
    Complain: quejarse.
    Inn: refugio, albergue.
    Also seems: parecer.

  14. jhazminmarmol Says:

    First, we did the second part of irregular verbs exam. After that, we watched two more interviews with a Olympic athlete. Then, we commented it and marked too. Finally, we began to correct the homework that we had for today, about fill gaps using present simple/continuous.

    -To trek–>hacer senderismo.

  15. silviamartinm Says:

    Today in class, we started correcting the exercise about present simple and present continous. Then we corrected the post about Felix Baumgartner. Finally we saw the last video, that was Goran and Josep’s and we did some comments about it.

    The new vocabulary we learnt is:
    -to be able to → ser capaz de
    -humble → modesto.
    -stunt-> acrobacia/actor secundario/trampa.
    -stressed = highlight/remark → acentuar/recalcar.

    We also learnt some phonetics:
    -direction → /dəˈrekʃən/, /daɪˈrekʃən/, /dɪˈrekʃən/

    There is no homework for the next day.

    • Sergio Sánchez Says:

      Thank you for your post, Silvia. You have correctly summarized today’s class, but let me add a little aspect to it: “There is no homework for the next day YET” 😉

      So everyone, check your e-mail tonight to check out homework for Friday.

      Thank you

  16. mariamelis Says:

    Last day we said what we did the previous day and then Sergio give us the irregular verb’s exam and we correct it.
    Then Sergio chose some persons to go out in front of the class to expose Felix Baumgartner’s biography and after he maked questions to the class about it.

  17. sergiomr226 Says:

    Last day, Sergio explained us why the comments that we put in the blog didn’t appear. Then, he told us that we had to put in pairs and we have had to review the vocabulary that we noted in the notebook of the post ( https://1esoe1011.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/3-en-55-being-an-elite-athlete/ ) because next week we are going to do a text (Wednesday, 31st of October) of all that we learned. After, María Melis said what we did the previous day in the class. Later, we commented the questions of the article about elite athletes ( http://strengthplanet.com/other/15-surprising-facts-about-world-class-athletes.htm ). Finally, we copied some questions of a page and next class we are going to listening a audio and to answer the 5 questions about it.

    – against the odds: en contra de las probabilidades.
    – devote: dedica.
    – career: carrera.
    – NFL player: American football team.
    – features: características.
    – health: salud.
    – to give a boost: para dar un impulso.

    chances: posibilidades.
    reaches: alcanza.
    odds: posibilidades.
    inter-scholastic: interescolar.
    college scholarships: becas universitarias.
    will be drafted: se redactará.
    earn a starting position: ganar una posición de partida.
    renowned: renombrado.
    performance: rendimiento.
    emphasizes: hace incapié en.
    Interestingly: curiosamente.
    overload: sobrecarga.
    commitment: compromiso.
    seems: parece.
    bond: fianza.
    purpose: propósito.
    ranged: oscilaron.
    esoteric information that affords them a greater opportunity for success: información esotérica que les proporciona una mayor oportunidad para el éxito:
    attain: alcanzar.
    knowledge: conocimiento.
    wrestler: luchador.
    marital status: estado civil.
    it might: podría.
    engages in sexual intercourse: se involucra en relaciones sexuales.
    score low in tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion, but extremely high in self confidence, mental toughness, and determination: puntuación baja en la tensión, la depresión, la ira, fatiga y confusión, pero muy altos en confianza en uno mismo, la fortaleza mental y la determinación.
    anxiety, confusion, depression, fatigue and anger: ansiedad, confusión, depresión, fatiga y cólera.
    counterpart: homólogo.
    confidence, mental toughness and determination: confianza, la fortaleza mental y determinación.
    chest: pecho.
    waist: cintura.
    calf: pantorrilla.
    performance enhancing drugs: drogas para mejorar el rendimiento:
    in fact: de hecho.
    highly: muy.
    egotistical, aggressive, and intellectually inferior: egoístas, agresivos e inferiores intelectualmente.
    accolades are contingent upon performance – no performance – no accolades: galardones están supeditadas al resultado – no el rendimiento – sin elogios.
    bitter pill to swallow: píldora amarga de tragar.
    esoteric: oculto secreto.

    HOMEWORK: (Wednesday, 31st of October)
    – In pairs of two we have got to do a interview mutually of two different athletes. For example: One of the pair is Cristiano Ronaldo and the other one is Rafa Nadal. Cristiano Ronaldo asks to Rafa his diet, the sport that he practice, if he use steroids… Then, Rafa Nadal asks the same questions to Cristiano. The interview has to last one minute, a minute and a half.

  18. claramulet Says:

    Today, in couples, some groups have done the dialogue about two sportpersons that compare their lifes (the sport that they practice, how are their trainings, their results, their diet…). For friday we have to do the homeworks that Sergio sent to our gmail group: study grammar and do the exercise on the notebook that is at the bottom of the page,
    and have a look at the adverbs of frequency, http://baladre.info/english/sedaviwebfront/SimpContStativeTheory.htm
    In this website we have also to complete and copy paragraphs number 1, 2 and 6.

  19. juliamulet Says:

    At the begining of the class we had finish the dialogs about two sportperson. We also corrected the pronunciation mistakes, like the “hy” in carbohydrates, the “a” in what, the “H” in hello,that fruit hasn’t got plural… Then we finished to copy the listening exercise and we did it. At the end we corrected and coment the exercise.

    • jospomar Says:

      Today Sergio began the class by revising the homework for today. Next Clara, Andreu and Paula stood up in front of the class and they explained which movies did they choose why did they chose the movies and they added vocabulary from their dilms that were:

      Lonesome: solitario
      Slice: cut into pieces.
      You kill me:me matas
      Focus: concentrar-se
      Corpse: cadaver
      Comit suicide: suicidarse

      After that Sergio showed us in the whiteboard a song (Hero of war by Rise aginst) with gaps in it which we had to fill.

      Search the Bio, the discography, the members and axtra information about Rise against.

  20. joanapomar6 Says:

    Today Sergio explained that from now on we will use the book used in the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Palma because he wants to work like this academy and we will pass the exam B1 and let a diploma.We have to buy this book :”Speak out”Pearson intermediate.Student´s book B1-B1+.Then,he said the mark of the videos ,that they are in “Saps que te dic 3”.Later ,we did the listening of the exam.He give us a fotocopy of the song “Hero of war”,of Rise Against,and we completed and corrected this.Vocabulary:
    -To yell/shout/scream: gritar
    -To join in: juntar.
    -To soak:absorber.
    -To black out/to collapse:colapsar.
    -To piss(inf.):orinar/mear

    And finally ,we showed Sergio our homeworks of “Rise Against”.For Friday ,we have to coment with our opinion 3 videos,in “Saps que te dic”.

  21. Carme Sampol Says:

    Today, Sergio gave us the notes of the first exam.
    Also told us where we can buy the book from English:
    – Book Inn, 20 Street Gardens, Palma.
    To pass the exam you have to have 70% to 30%:
    – 1st tem’s mark 20%
    – 2nd tem’s mark 30%
    – 3rd tem’s mark 50%
    Then, he explained us the way of correcting our writings.
    Later, we correct all the grammar and vocabulary together orally.
    Homework for Monday:
    – We need to do a comic about the song ‘hore of war’
    – Correct our drafting of the exam.

    Good weekend!

  22. merysantos1998 Says:

    Today, Monday 12 of November, we did an activity that consisted on ask those 3 questions in groups of 4:
    1. What features must a good class have? Explain
    2. What is the best class in ESO you remember? Why?
    3. Name any activity project for the science class that you really enjoyed.
    Then, one of the group (the spokesperson ) told the answer to the first question in front of the class, but we didn’t finish so the homework for Wednesday is that the spokesperson of each group has to post the answers.
    But before this activity Sergio collected our homework and then, people of 2D’s class came to ask us some questions about how we come to class and if we recycle at home.

    We learnt feedback that means information about something that we already have done

  23. martitaserra28 Says:

    Today, at the biginning of the class, we talked about who didn’t post the comments to the post of adjectives and the consequences that this supposed. Then, Sergio explained us what TED talks are: it is a website where the people can make talks about the topic they want and, one of its advantages, is that there are subtitles in several languages. After that, we saw a video from this website about the importance of Science, that anyone can discover something new and that a small question can be a big discovery. Also, we said an interesting feature of the video that is that it tooks 4 months to make the experiment but 2 years for been published because it’s made by kids. Finally, Sergio explained how we can do the oral presentation about a video of TED’s side and the students with better marks have chosen the members of their group and the day that they will do it.

    Wash: limpiar
    Polish: pulir
    Wax: poner cera
    Stork: cigüeña
    Ideas worth spreading: ideas que vale la pena difundir.

    Prepare the oral presentation for Wednesday, Friday or Monday (depends of group). The oral presentation must have a short description of the video, an explication of why we choose it, an external research and a duration of 10 minutes. Also, it’s oppcional, you can use a visual reinforcement.

  24. psocies Says:

    Monday 19-11-12.
    First you talked about the oral presentation that we have to do. You said that you will mark the pronunciation and how we speak. You also said that it’s better if we practice in front of a mirror, if we emphasize and if make it interesant. We have to add extra work.

    Then we talked about the outings and the activities related with recycle and we watched a video about the Eden Project. And finally we answered some questions about this video.

    New vocabulary:
    rehearse: ensayar.
    emphasize. enfatizar.
    rubbish collectors: recoge basuras.

  25. tonitorner Says:

    Today the first four groups presentated in front of the class their work about one of the Ted talks’ speech. Before starting the presentations, Sergio wrote some questions that we had to answer in our notebook in order to collect some information about each group (group members, date, topic, notes/mistakes, a summary of 30-40 words and mark).
    The first group was the Paula Gomila, Julia Mulet and Tomas Golomb’s one. They spoke about a comedy video by Charlie Todd, the founder of Improve Everywhere.
    The second group was formed by only two people: Maria Melis and Marina Escarpa, and they talked about a magician. Some of his shows were holding his breath during 17 minutes, staying frozen inside a big ice cube during three days, etc.
    The third group (Sergio Moragues, Marina Bárcenas and Paula Socies) spoke about a woman, whose parents were paleontologists, who found an human fossil when she was 6 years old. He also became a paleontologist, and currently she have found many fossils with her parents.
    The last group was the Ariadna Oliver, Miquel Blanch and Carme Sampol’s one. They spoke about the same person that the first one: Charlie Todd. At the end of the presentation, this group showed us a video about one of the Charlie’s missions.

    The third group wrote five new words:
    Bachelor: licenciatura
    Sticks: palillos
    Apes: monos
    Bonomos: type of monkeys
    PHD degree: doctorado

    The homework for next day is complete the information about the groups and do its summary and the next group will have to present their work.

  26. vladis890 Says:

    Today, we continued with the presentations of Ted’s talks. Today, three groups presented it,
    The first one was the Clara Mulet, Joana Pomar and Andreu Vidal’s group. They spoke about mosquitoes and malaria. They told us the history of a man, Bart Knols, that was born in 1965 in Netherlands. He studied the biology career. In 1989 he started to study the malaria, and in a short time, he went to Zimbawe to study it. Qhen he was there, his daughter died. He explained that normal mosquitoes bite in the face, but malarial mosquitoes bite in the legs and toes by a special smell. Also, he said that dogs can detect who has or is going to have malaria. He also showed a pill that kills malaria in 3 hours, and he said that if African people takes this pill during 3 weeks, malaria will not exist there.
    The second one was the Andrea Fernandez, Silvia Martin and Alvaro Alemany’s group. They spoke about sex. They told us one anectode from Julia Sweeney. One day, she was in a restaurant with her daughter, and her daughter asked her if women have eggs, and she said yes, but in their interior, and that man have to fertilize them. When they returned to home, Julia showed to her daughter a video about how cats make sex. She explained that kids are very interested in know how are they born.
    The third and last one was Goran Avramov, Josep Pomar and Vladislav Nikolov’s group. They spoke about why you can’t hace a good career. They explained what Larry Smith said. He said that you can’t have a good career, because you are afraid of doing that or you think that you aren’t so much intelligent to do it. He also said that people often confuse be interested in something and desire to do it the rest of your life. He also said that people often use their family as a cover to not do it.
    For Monday, the rest of the groups have to prepare their presentations amd make a summary from the last presentations.

  27. vidalandreu98 Says:

    Today three groups have ended the series of Ted Talks presentations. I think they have done a good job. They were talking in a fluent way. They got the attention of all of the espectators. In my point of view they looked like the TV presenters. I give them the congratulations because they have done this work very good.

    New vocabulary:

    -Proud: orgulloso

    -Ring: resonar

  28. vidalsiquierj Says:

    This friday we answered in groups of two a couple of questions about “Have you ever…” and then we started the book (B1 & B1+) of the Official Language School. Sergio give back us our notebooks too.

  29. izabelaigorova02 Says:

    *Today in English class we did the irregular verbs exam and we corrected all together. Then, we watched a short video about Stagecoach and we finished to correct the activities of the class book. Finally,started the phonetic part doing an exercise with the class book in pairs.
    -New Vocabulary:
    *Tram–> Tranvia.
    *Makeover–>Transformar en algo mejor.
    *Scrap–> Deshacerse de algo. (Sinonim: To get rid of)
    *Reborn: Renovador.
    *Lorry: Camión (USA: Truck)
    *Sublings: Conjunto de hermanas y hermanos.

    *Homework for Friday:
    – Do an diagram of the vowels part of phonemes (first page of class book).

  30. alvaroalemany Says:

    Friday 7 – 12 – 12

    First we correct the homework, that it was do a table of the vowels part of phonems (first page of class book). Later, the teacher explained to the class the new homework that it was “Talking about somebody elses life”, this task must have:

    – 1st Brief intro
    – 2nd Proper bio. facts, future
    – 3rd Current facts, future
    – 4th Conclusion

    To do this work, we had to make qüestions about the teacher, for exemple:
    – How old are you?
    – When and where did you born?
    – Do you have brothers or sisters?

    Homework: Do a biography about the teacher life with the information of the qüestions.

  31. Goran Dmitrov Avramov Says:

    Monday 10 – 12 – 12

    After the summary of the last english class of Alvaro, the class started. We bringed our compositions (the biography of Sergio). We talked about phonemes and Sergio sayed that from now the attendant of the Diary has to do a new task every time it is his turn. He will has to search a word and write it in the blackbord as phonems.
    We made two exercices: exercice from page: 6 nº 4A and a listening from page 9 nº 5A.

    Homework for next day: Make a chart with all consonants and exercice page 9 nº 4A.

    New vocabulary:
    – People in church: Eclesiásticos, monjes…
    – Sailers: Marineros.

  32. ariadnabalufo Says:

    Today in English class we started correcting the grammar activities of the book. Then we talked about when do we use questions with an auxiliary verb and without an auxiliary verb and we did an activity in pairs practising it.

    Choose on the internet a piece of news from today or tomorrow in English. Sergio will choose 5 people to explain to the rest of the class orally the piece of news.

  33. marinabarcenas Says:

    14-12-12; Homework for today was: search an article and comment them in class.
    First of all Ariadna said what we did the last day.
    Later, we started with the presentations about an article, Ariadna started it.
    Ariadna’s article says that the Pope wants to take out the mule and the ox of the bethlehem.
    Josep’s article says that in an expensive cruiser there was a virus and all passengers were vomiting.
    Toni’s article says that the barcode co-inventor was death the last sunday.
    After finish some presentatios Sergio gave us a fotocopy about Christmas and we did it whatching a video
    Pope – Papa
    Ox – Buey
    Oxen – Bueyes
    Victorian era – Era victoriana
    Luxury goods – Objetos de lujo
    To stare – Observar
    Christmas shopping – Compras navideñas
    To fit – Caber
    – We learn the differences between window display and shop window, its translation is escaparate but they have different meanings.

  34. miquelbv9 Says:

    Monday, 17-12-2012
    Today, we started writing the words that Marina, Ariadna and Goran put on the blackboard in our notebooks. These words where on the phonnetic form and those words were:
    -Differenciate, conference and television.
    Later, we continued with some presentations we have of homework for today.
    Finaly, we talked about the answers in common we have with our pair on the activity of the last day.

    Homework: For Wednesday we have to post a coment to the blog with the link of our article and what it is about.

  35. marinaescarpa11 Says:

    Monday 7-1-2013
    First of all, Sergio congratulate us the New Year. Later Sergio put us four questions on the board: 1- Do you enjoy Christmas? Why/ why not?; 2- Do you have any family traditions?; 3- Do you give presents at home? If yes, what day’s? and 4-Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? When we finished to correct those questions, Sergio said to us that on the 26th in England, is a typicall day to stroll around and met family and friends and also to give food to poor people. Finally Sergio asked us what were our presents that we recibed on Christmas

    Vocabulary: Track suit: Chandal
    Handycam: cámara pequeña/de mano
    Head speakers: altavoces
    To brush up: desenvolver
    Stroll around: salir a pasear.
    Heat-straightener: plancha del pelo
    Gathers: reunirse
    Savoury: salado
    Homerwork: There was no homerwork for Wednesday.

  36. andreafr98 Says:

    Wednesday 9-7-2013
    First of all Marina told us waht we did the last class.
    Later of this ,we started the class listening the people who didn’t told us what did they get for Christmas last day. Then,we talked about socials networks, technology,internet… And after, we watched a video about this topics. Finally, we read an article in pairs.

    Recruitmen: contratación.
    Brand: marca.
    Fad: moda pasajera.
    Trust: confiar.
    Shift: cambio.
    Ads: anuncios.
    Accurate: preciso.
    Entire: entero.
    Overtake: sobrepasar.
    Skip: esquivar,saltar.
    Blur: borroso.
    Youth: juventud.

    Homework: there are homework for friday 11-1-2013 that consist in answer the questions of te article from 3 to 7.

  37. elenaa98 Says:

    Friday, 11-1-13.

    First of all, Andrea told us what we did the last class. Later, we corrected questions 3 to 7 from the article, and we learnt some phrasal verbs. Sergio told us that from now on we will have tot have a seperate seccion in our notebook for phrasal verbs. Finally, girls and boys joined together to make a list of 10 different stereotypes about girls and boys.

    New vocabulary:

    To blur: difuminar.
    Threefold: triple.
    To soar: elevarse.
    Solace: consuelo.

    New phrasal verbs:

    Find ou sth or find sth ou: averiguar, descubrir.
    Log on: acceder.
    Turn off sth or turn sth off: apagar.
    Tap into sth: aprovechar.
    Link up( sth/sb) or link(sth/sb) up: entrelazar.
    Hang out: passar el rato.
    Get back to sth: retomar.
    Get into sth: interesarse en algo.
    Turn to sb: acudir, recurrir.
    Fill in sth or fill sth in: rellenar.

    Homework: we have to find information about a mobile app or an electronic device and learn it.

  38. tomasGD Says:

    Monday, 14/01/13
    First, five persons did a little presentations about an application for a mobile phones. After Miquel and Paula wrote the 10 different stereotypes about girls and boys, that we did in the last session. Finally, we wrote 1 stereotype that we agree and another one that we don’t agree.

    In spite of… -> a pesar de…
    Deception -> engaño
    Deceive -> engañar

    HOMEWORK FOR WEDNESDAY: Activity book, page 11 number 2A, B, C and 3A, and 5 persons more will do the presentations about a mobile app or an electronic device.

  39. jhazminmarmol Says:

    Friday, 18/01/13

    First, we corrected the exercises that we had to do on Wednesday from the activity book and the questions about the listening exercise about dreams. Then, we started to work about -ed regular verbs pronunciation learning some rules: when the final phonem is an unvoiced sound we pronunce /t/, if it’s a voiced sound we pronunce /d/ and if the final sound is /t/ or /d/ we pronunce /ɪd/. Also we learnt which phonemes are voiced or unvoiced, it depends of the sound vibration. After this, we wacthed a video of a girl teaching us how to pronunce -ed verb endings. Sergio told us that next Friday we have an exam of all the irregular verbs. And in the end of the class, Vladis and Marina Escarpa did the oral explanation of an app.


    *”Hold your horse”: tranquilizarse, esperarse.
    *Recurrent: repetitivo.
    *Remarkable: notable.
    *Loads of: un montón de…
    *Feedback: comentario crítico.
    *Run out of: quedarse sin.
    *To be fired up: estar entusiasmada.
    *Pleasent: placentero.
    *Prompt: (gave an initiative for action) dar lugar a.
    *Enhance: dar énfasis.
    *To pull sb’s leg: tomar el pelo a alguien.
    *Lean: apoyar, inclinarse.

    Homework for Wednesday: Activity book, page 13, exercise 9B in the notebook.

  40. silviamartinm Says:


    Today we started the class remembering what we did the last day. Then we started to talk about collocations and idioms (frases hechas) annd we corrected the homework. After we read an article and we searched the word that we didn’t understand. Then we said what homework for Friday (25/01/2013) are, and we did an exercise on classbook, 6A pg.12. Then we did a revision of Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous.

    -in chunkc: a trozos.
    -go off something – rotten: podrirse.
    -take after: parecerse
    -sleeves: mangas
    -get on with – get along: llevarse bien.
    -feature: incluye.
    -allegedly: supuestamente.
    -unveil: desvelar.
    -so far: hasta ahora.
    -follow up: el siguiente.
    -to launch: lanzar.
    -second-tier: segundón.
    -roll out (phrasal verb): sacar, presentar.
    -fiancée and fiance: prometida y prometido.
    -fed up: estar hasta aquí/estar hasta el moño.

    -roll up their sleeves – get ready to work: empezar a trabajar.

    HOMEWORK (24/01/2013) : Upload an idiom in the new post.
    (25/01/2013): Irregular verb’s exam.

  41. mariamelis Says:

    Last day, we went in front of the class to make a theatre about two minutes using different idioms. Sergio put two exams, one of grammar on sixth of february, and one of irregular verbs on eleventh of february, and at this time, if we fail one of four times, all of the line will be bad. The homework for today is to do a post about the mars one project.

  42. sergiomr226 Says:

    Today we talked about who would like to present to the Phoenix exam. This Friday February 1st which will want to present they are going to do a small test to see who will go to contest Phoenix and who does not go.
    Later we said the difference between present perfect simple and present perfect progressive.
    After we have corrected the photocopy of exercises using the present perfect simple and present perfect progressive, simple past and present perfect, since and for.
    Finally we corrected the post of Mars 1. First Toni explained us about what this project was going. Later we have corrected the exercises in this post.

    * EX Sb.P.18 1,2 and 3 (NOTEBOOK)

    -trust: confiar.
    -thrurt: empujar.
    -tacky: hortero.
    -cheesy: hortera.
    -broadcast: televisar.
    -to be backed: apoyar.
    -collar: collar.
    -leash: correa.
    -LANG: to arrive safe and sound: llegar sano y salvo.

  43. claramulet Says:

    On friday we listened a listening about the Mars-1 project. Then we answered 4 questions about it. Sergio explained us that for Monday we had to correct his biography and for wednesday, write another from a different person. We have also to include a photo with the person about we write it. Sergio also brought us the irregular verbs exams yet corrected.

  44. claramulet Says:

    Today we corrected the homework for friday (1A, 2A and 3 page 18). Then Sergio explained us how the exam of wednesday will be: we have to study all the matter from the beginning of the year to now, including vocabulary, that will be an important part of the exam. In every word of vocabulary we have to put a sentence that shows that we understand. If there is for example “selfish”, you cannot put “My brother is selfish”, because it could be anything, you can write “My brother is selfish because he doesn’t share anything with anyone”. Today we also corrected the activities of the listening that we did on friday. Finally, we brought him the corrected biographies.
    *Hollow: vacío.
    *Jug: jarra.
    *Selfish: egoísta.
    *The means: los medios.

    • Sergio Sánchez Says:

      Hello Clara,

      thank you for your post. It would be good that you included all the information I gave on Friday about the compulsory reading book, including title, where to buy it, dates, etc.


  45. claramulet Says:

    For Friday 22nd we have to read “The murder in the rue Morgue and other stories” by Edgar Allan Poe of Burlington Books. We have to bring a Poe’s bio, the activities of the book, a summary of every story and the personal opinion. Also a bibliography. All this information with a cover.

  46. juliamulet Says:

    Friday 8/02/13 we began the class doing an activity in pairs. We had to answer two questions with two different answers each. Have you ever…? One answer with for and one with since. And the other Have you ever…? One with in/at/last and the last one with …ago. Then we watched a video “Creativity is Great” and we began to answer some exercices that Sergio give us.
    For homework we have to answer the activities of the video in our notebook and go to the video’s web page and in the text that is under the video search new expressions or new vocabulary that we didn’t know.

  47. jospomar Says:

    Yesterday we began with the oral presentations about the future tenses. Four groups did their presentation and Sergio explained that we have to be more fluent and be aware with the pronunciation with words like future and message. Then he explained the homework that is do the activities he send to our gmails.Those who dont recieve the homework send sergio a message saying that this is your gmail and he will re send it to you or ask it to a friend.

  48. joana6 Says:

    Today we finished the presentations about the future.
    *overall=en conjunto, total.

  49. Carme Sampol Says:

    Today in English class we started knowing two majistery students that went to learn how we do the classes.
    We did their some questions about theirs studies and where did they study English.
    Then, Sergio explain us that the friday’s exam will be an 80% about the book The murders in the Rue Morgue and the other 20% will be about future.
    Later, Clara and Elena Vollmer went to the front of the class and they did the oral presentation that they didn’t can do the last day.
    When they finished, Sergio gave us our exams and we corrected it together.
    Finally Sergio made a summary to the future tenses and he did this draw in the blackboard:
    – By this time tomorrow or 2050:
    – – I’ll be teaching in 2nd Batx’s classroom
    – – I will have had dinner.
    And we did an activity on this.
    – Foster child: casa de acojida
    – Breakthrough: avanze, algo Nuevo
    – Gambled: apostar
    – Creepy: asustar
    – Bizarre: estrafalórico
    – Debt: deuda
    – Barely: apenas

  50. merysantos1998 Says:

    Today in English class we started discussing who had to do the diary today (and it was my turn). Then Sergio gave us a sheet of paper and we had to read a text that said that women talk three times more than men. The text was really interesting because I discovered that we talk about 20,000 words a day. It’s amazing!!! And boys only talk about 7,000 words a day. While we were reading we had to complete the text with the words that were given. When we finished this activity, we did a listening to check if we were right and then we did an activity about synonims. Finally, in pairs, we ask the questions that were in the sheet.of paper.Some of this questions were: what do you think when yo listen the word “talkative”? What do men talk about? … all was related with topics of conversation and with talkative people. And for homework we have to finish the activities in our notebook.

    New words:
    prevalent: prevalente
    wisdom: sabiduria
    claim: asegurar

  51. martitaserra28 Says:

    Today in English class we did a review of grammar. The review consisted on do a short composition of six lines divided in three parts.
    The first one was about what we have done during the last five days since Tuesday and we wrote it in present simple or present continuous.
    The second one was about what we do now (in March) and we wrote it in present simple or continuous.
    Finally, the third one was about what we are going to do in Easter and we wrote it in future continuous or perfect.
    After that, we exchanged our compositions with our classmates and we learnt by heart his composition. Finally, some people went in front of the class and they said the composition of his classmate.

    New vocabulary:
    Raw: en sucio.
    Fair: feria.
    Laidback: relajado.

    Homework for Wednesday: We have to do the exercises number 12, 13 and 14 from the page 22 but, on number 12, we have to add 3 more expressions for at, in and on. Also, on the number 14, we have to make an example that reflects clearly the meaning of the expressions.

  52. psocies Says:

    In this class, first, you have given to all of us the final mark on the second term
    Then you have distributed the “The Murders in the Rue Morgue and other stories” exam to us and we corrected all the questions together. You also tould us how did you corrected every question.
    Later we corrected the activities 12 and 14 of the pg 22 of the work bock, about the prepositions at, in, on… We couldn’t correct the activitie 13 because we haven’t got time.
    New vocabulary:
    – Sunrise-sunset: puesta y salida del Sol.
    – On the brink of _____ing ; at the point of _____ing ; to be about to +ing ; on the edge of +ing : estar a punto de…
    – Journey: It’s a kind of trip, but much longer and with different steps.
    – Outing: It’s only of one day
    – Voyage: To do a voyage you has to cross the oceans.

  53. tonitorner Says:

    Today in English some of us have readen their homework:
    Marina Escarpa: She said that she will be a nurse in London, and that she wants to be a good mother by teching his sons. 7/8
    Elena Vollmer: She wants to be cirugian, and she wants to finish the conservatory. He likes cats. 7
    Ariadna Oliver: She will probably study the Humanistic or the social Bachillerato. Then she will travel around the world and then she will decide which career wil she study. 7/8
    Paula Socies: She will study journalism. 6.5
    Josep Pomar: He will study the tecnologic Bachillerato. He will travel and will have a house in Majorca. 6
    Elena Flaquer: She will be a lawyer, and she will travel to England. 9
    Goran: He will be scientist, and will live in Bulgaria. He will have children and pets. 7
    Vladis: He will probably study enginiery.
    Clara: She will have an electric car and maybe a family. 7/8
    Jhazmin: She will have her own haouse, and she will not have a boyfriend because she’s an individual person. She will draw as a hobby. 8/9
    Silvia: She will be an hotel director. She will not have children and she will not marry. She will be in a foreign country and she will travel alone.
    Sergio: He will be vet. He will do the Red Bull Rampage. 6/7
    Maria Melis: He will teach young children and live in a house with many animals. 5/6
    Alvaro: He will live in Majorca and will have a girlfriend.
    Marta: She will not have children, live in Germany with a dog. 8
    Tomas: He will study mechanic enginiery, he will live in Spain but not in Majorca and he will travel. 4
    The homewrok for next day is see a film in English and write ten words and two quotation and say why have we choosen those quotes.

  54. vladis890 Says:

    In the last English class, we continued with the activity that we started the last day, about where do we see in 15 years.
    The ones who came in front of the class where the people that didn’t do it last day. After finishing the activity, we had to made exercice 4A from page 23, that were questions related to a text in the under part of the page. During this time, Sergio corrected our homework about the film that we saw last weekend. For next class we have to make the post 3.en.61 Talking about the future. And for Friday, we have to make a video about how do we see in 15 years.

  55. vidalandreu98 Says:

    In the English class of friday we correct the homework, which was do the exercice 4A from page 23, that were questions related to a text in the under part of the page.
    Then we did an activies about a video (a listening) called Second Life. Second Life is like a social network inspirated in the life. You must create your avatar and go arround a virtual world of islands. Is similar to the Sims, but on-line. Then Sergio told us our homework: login and try Second Life.

  56. eleojitos Says:

    Today, 25-03-2013, we sumarized to the people which didn’t came what we did on friday. After this, we did an exercise asking our mates about the 12 questions of the Speakingout book.

  57. izabelaigorova02 Says:

    *Today in English class we did a writing exercise that consist in explain what we do during this holidays in 90 words. Then, Sergio pass to correct some of our writings and the rest of the people who didn’t finished yet gave to him at the ending of the class. Apart from that, we settle up the dates of the exams that we going to have during the 3d therme.

  58. alvaroalemany Says:

    – Last wednesday we started the class doing some exercises of the book, about narrative tenses. Then we worked about news’headlines, and we matched them with its explanation. When the class finished, the teacher told us the homework that consists on search a new in an english newspaper and answer some questions and invent a new with some words that appeared in the headlines that we worked with.

  59. Goran Dmitrov Avramov Says:

    Last friday we talked about new’s headlines. We said that headlines are a very important part of the article, and it needs to be clear and short. Then, we did a excercise about the topic. After correcting the excercise, Sergio told us homework for next monday (learn by heart the stories we have composed for wednesday, because some of us will be coming out and telling them to the class), but, finally, we changed the day for wednesday, because on monday we had two exams (Spanish and Catalan).

  60. miquelbv9iquelbv9 Says:

    Today we started the class giving to Sergio de homework and we talked about some new expresions of the song. Then we corrected a homework we had to do for the last day about the twoo conditionals. Later, six of us make tha oral story that we have to prepair. Finaly, Sergio told us the homework.

    Things we learned:

    -The hands of time are never on you side: Las agujas del reloj no estan nunca a tu favor.
    -I’m having my hair cut: me voy a cortar el pelo.

    Pag. 26 ex: 1B, 2A, 2B and C on the notebook.

  61. ariadnabalufo Says:

    Last class we did a grammar leson about conditional sentences. First we talked about 1rst conditional that is used with present simple and about 2nd conditional that is used with past simple. In 2nd conditional I, she, he ,it is used with “were” not “was”.
    Finally we did an activity in which we had to mix and match conditional causes.

    We had to complete 7 sentences and make 4 sentences more, 2 with 2nd conditional and 2 more with 1rst conditional.

  62. marinaescarpa11 Says:

    -Today, in English class Sergio gave us a sheet with eight differents songs that we have to complete with second conditional forms. While Sergio check our homework and correct them, we were listen the different songs, Finally we correct them
    -We didn’t learn any new vocabulary
    -Homework: For friday we have to invent a poem with second conditional forms with minimum 10 lines.

  63. andreafr98 Says:

    First,all the class came out to read their poems in second condicional forms ,and show it to the rest of the class.Then,Sergio gave us some advice to improve when we talk to the class or some public.
    Also,in the students book,we did a listen activity about one woman that told us her story and we had to organize the pictures that explain the story.
    Finally,he put some homework to Monday.

    *Vocabulary/mistakes corrections:
    This way…
    For your fill
    If I had been born a…

    *Homework for Monday:
    Page 30 of the students book activity 1A,2A and 3A.

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