2.en.37 The Canterville Ghost exam

20 Questions about the Canterville Ghost 

Chapter I


  1. Is the Oti’s origin relevant to understand the story? Why?
  2. Whose blood was the stain by the fireplace from?
  3. Mrs Umney, the housekeeper, does not want to remove the blood stain, why?
  4. Did Washington manage to remove the stain?

    Chapter II

  5. What wakes Mr Otis at night?
  6. Is Mr Otis afraid of the ghosts? Justify your answer.
  7. What’s the ghost’s reaction?

    Chapter III

  8. What do the twins use to attack the ghost?
  9. Why can’t the ghost wear his suit of armour?
  10. What does Mrs Otis offer the ghost and why?
  11. Who is the other ghost that appears in the corridor?

    Chapter IV

  12. Do you remember any other tricks the twins played on the ghost?
  13. At the end of chapter IV, who is afraid of whom?

    Chapter V

  14. What did the ghost use Virginia’s paints for?
  15. What does Virginia discover about Sir Simon’s death?
  16. What must Virginia do to help the ghost find a place to sleep?

    Chapter VI

  17. What did the ghost give Virginia before he died? Why?
  18. How does the family know that the ghost rests at peace and that his sins have been forgiven?

             Chapter VII

     19. What do the Oti’s do with the ghost’s skeleton?

      20. What does Virginia tell her husband she learnt from the ghost?

Vocabulary: (1 mark)

The following words appear in the story you read. Match the words to their meanings. Then explain which character or part of the story you associate the words with.

  1. ghosts do this and dissapear

  2. they are valuable and cost lots of money

  3. they are green and round

  4. move slowly and quietly

  5. the disembodied spirit of a deceased person

  6. cry

  7. stumble

  8. flowers

  9. not polite,with bad manners

  10. reprehensible or regrettable action

1) pea

2) creep

3) trip

4) rude

5) weep

6) fade

7) soul

8 ) sin

9) jewels

10) blossoms


What do you know about the author of the Canterville Ghost?

What was his name?

Can you mention any other books written by him?

Do you remember any of his famous quotes?