Audition exercice

Listen to the music, read the text and answer the following questions

Exercice for students_0002

Exercice for students_0001Exercice for students


What’s the music for?

Please explain the different symbols that are drawn on the image

Are you agree with this definition?

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Handel’s Water Music

Hornpipe (pdf file).  Listen to the music and answer pdf’s questions.


Baroque Danses: Haendel Water Music

Although the group dances, which is called “Suite”, was more instrumental I have added this video to give you an idea of how that you could dance.

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Analyse of “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay”


You should be able to:

Understand the form:   AAAA Coda       or        AABA Coda     or        AABB Coda

Genre: Vocal music   or   Instrumental music   or   vocal music with instruments

Style:    rock   or    country    or   soul

Tempo:  fast   –   moderate  –    slow

Time signature:  2/4          3/4           4/4

Dynamics: getting louder           mf                variable

Who is the singer? What do you know about his life?

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3.mus.01. We are the champions

There you have your new song with lyrics.

Answer the following questions:

  • Which is its time signature?
  • Are there flats or sharps? Where?
  • Do dynamics change?
  • What genre of music is?
  • And style?
  • Which is the difference between genre and style?

3.mus.01. Do you remember?