Hello everybody!

Our Easter break is almost finished.  And the third term is going to be very short. We are going to have to work really hard! Are you ready?

This third term,  you shall be working with food and eating habits; and by now, you should now that everything is connected (related).

That is why in our Study-time class we are going to learn about microorganisms in English!

Hmm…  What do microorganisms have to do with  food and healthy (eating)  habits?

Click on the word MICROORGANISMS   and you will find a PowerPoint Presentation with information and links to more videos and online games and activities.

Well, I hope we’ll learn a lot and have fun! See you soon!




Hello everybody!

Here is the link you have to visit to complete your task:


And here are the questions…  Remember that you have to complete all the questions in your notebooks and all of you have to collaborate answering and correcting your work in the blog.

We will correct your work on Monday the 15th of November.


1. Is the moon smaller than the Earth, the same size as the Earth or larger than the Earth?_________________

2. Do we always see the same side of the moon from Earth? ________________

3. What shape are most lunar craters?_______________________

4. Does the moon have an atmosphere?_______________________

5. Who were the first two people to walk on the moon? _____________________

6. In what year did this first moon walk occur? _______________________

7. Does a blue moon refer to a blue-colored moon? ______________

8. Are tides influenced more by the gravitational pull of the moon or the Sun? ____________________

9. What is the name of material that is thrown from an impact crater? ______________________

10. During a lunar eclipse, the shadow of what celestial body blocks our view of the moon? ______________________



WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT MARS ?   Do Martians really exist?

 Tim and Moby are going to help you solve the mystery of Mars and the Martians…    Or perhaps not…


1. Click on the link above and watch the video.

2. Now click on the “take a quiz” button and choose the GRADED QUIZ. Once you finish the quiz, you can print it or email the score to me. My e-mail is: dianaweehuizen@gmail.com

3. You must write the questions  in your notebooks (all of you)  and  on this blog,  like you did the other day!

4. You must make up three (3) new questions with the correct answers. Write them up in your notebooks and also on this blog.  Hmmm… I wonder how many new questions  (and their answers) we can make all together! 

5. Maria and I will correct your work next Monday! OK? 

Have a nice week!