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We live surrounded by it. It’s everywhere, in our streets, in our homes. It’s so common and pervasive that we just take for granted. Some love it, others hate it and there are some people who couldn’t do without because it leads their lives. It’s ADVERTISING!

We are going to learn a bit about it, about how it works so that it is capable of making us do things without being aware of it. In order to do so publicity uses what we call persuasive techniques. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Directions A Instructions horizontal BIG

Task 1: Name at least 5 TV commercials /spots /adverts belonging to 5 different persuasive techniques.

Task 2: Does advertising have an influence on you? Comment with some partners:

– Do you watch or skip TV commercials?

– Do commercials guide your shopping?


All brands, whether big or small, use a slogan to stand out. Slogans are short, often memorable phrases which are claimed to be the most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product. The best advertising slogans are the ones that truly bring out the very reason a brand exists for.

Have a look at the spots below:

Now it’s time you created your own slogans. You can try with these slogan generators:

Slogan generator 1

Slogan generator 2

Slogan generator 3

If these sites don’t convince you, you could always try to create your own slogan. Here you are some useful tips:


1. Start from the LOGO

Your brand should have their own logo to promote its identity.

2. Keep it simple

Your audience must understand it quickly in order to be effective

3. Make it fun if you can

4. Stay honest!!!

Does you product keep on the promises the slogan makes?


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