3.en.60 Mars I. A one-way ticket to the red planet. 28/01/2013

Hello students. Have you heard about the Mars I project? We are going to learn a little more about it following the link below:




Firstly, watch the video, copy these statements on your notebook and say if they are true or false (in case they are false, say why):

1 – A group of four humans will join the initial settlement every year.

2 – Mr. Hooft’s first thought was that the project was’nt going to work.

3- “Mars I” is easier than other Mars projects.

4- In 2020, the crew will land on Mars for the first time.

Now read the text on the page and find synonyms for the following words / expressions:

1 – suceed

2- support

3- in relation to

4- emblem

Now that you know what “Mars I” is about, you can research on your own and explore their website http://mars-one.com/en/

Now, in your own words, answer the following question:

Would you join the “Mars I” project? Why / why not? Give reasons.  (90 words)

Remember that you must have everything done in your notebook for wednesday.

Enjoy it!


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