3.en.58 Working on news

Hello students. This is the activity in which you will post the news of your choice.

Remember to paste the link first, summarize the article, say why you have chosen it / it is interesting to you, and finally add new vocabulary words that you hace learnt while doing the activity.



30 Respostes to “3.en.58 Working on news”

  1. silviamartinm Says:


    This article says that the German luxury carmaker Porsche has already beaten its annual record for most cars sold. Porsche marketing and sales chief Bernhard Maier said that last month alone was up 39% on November 2011. Demand came from China and US that was 70% more demand than last year.
    Premium carmaker such as Porsche, BMW and Hyundai are doing relatively well, but mid-market players such as Ford, Opel and Vauxhall units are having torrid time.

    I chose this article because the fact that was talking about luxury cars interested me.

    -carmaker = automotriz / fabricante de coches
    – mid-market = mercado medio

  2. marinaescarpa11 Says:

    *Here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-20679454
    *Summary: The global illegal trade in wildlife is worth $19bn (£12bn) a year and is threatening the stability of some governments according to new research.
    The study comes as Malaysian officials captured about 20 tonnes of ivory in one of the biggest seizures ever made.According to Jim Leape, WWF International director general, the report underlines the fact that wildlife crime has escalated drastically over the past decade and now posed a greater threat than ever.
    *I’ve chosen this article beecause there’re many crimes referef to animals like animal abuse or people tha kill animals
    I learnt some vocabulary like:
    Seizure: incautación
    Shipment: embarque
    Trade: comercio
    Worth: valor

  3. Carme Sampol Says:

    I haven’t link because I took the news of a paper journal.

    I read this newspaper article today and I thought it was very funny!
    Two days ago, the police arrested a man because he stole a handbag with 6000 euros from a car. A woman went to a bank and a bank employee gave her an envelope with money. After that, the thief followed the woman and he saw how she put the handbag on the back seat of her car. The man opened the door, took the handbag and ran away. Some people who saw this, followed him but he escaped.
    The day after, the police identified the suspect and then, the police arrested him
    – Envelope= sobre
    – Employee= empleado

  4. martitaserra28 Says:

    Link: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/12/why-afternoon-may-be-the-best-time-to-exercise/?hpw

    This article is about why afternoon may be the best time to exercise. A teacher of psychiatry call Christopher Colwell, led some of new experiments on how exercise affects the body’s internal clock. The studies were conducted in mice, but the findings suggest that exercise does affects our circadian rhythms and the effect may be most beneficial if the exercise is undertaken midday.
    Most of the animals for the experiment were young and healthy and the scientifics began by letting mice run. Some of them ran whenever they wanted but, others, only in afternoon. After several weeks of running, the animals were studied and the beneficial effect was really pronounced in the animals that exercise in afternoon.
    Even so, the teacher said that, this experiment, for the people is not clear so what we know right now is that exercise is a good idea although we done it on morning.

    I chose this article because the content is very interesting and amazing and I’m sure that most of the persons didn’t know the information that contains.

    New vocabulary:
    Lead: dirigir.
    Findings: descubrimientos, hallazgos.
    Undertaken: realizado.

  5. ariadnabalufo Says:


    The article says that according to the largest study of the global burden of disease, people around the world are living longer but with higher levels of sickness.
    Smoking and drinking have become the higher risk factors for ill health and they replace child malnourishment. Also the burder pf HIV/Aids remains high.
    Some researchers have criticised that this data is based on poor evidence.
    However the project was welcomed by London School of Hygiene an Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) director, who said that the work showed how suprisingly fast the world’s health problems were changing and also shows and recognises the fantastic project on health issues.

    Burden: carga

    • ariadnabalufo Says:

      I chose this article because this topic interested me and I think this is a topic that remembers the things that we have to be aware.

  6. mariamelis Says:

    I don’t have any link because i look for it last week and already it is not.
    This article is about a virus called norovirus that occurs after christmas, between January and March, three quarters of a million people have contracted the virus. If you have symptoms of norovirus infection avoid visiting friends and relatives in hospitals or nursing. It causes fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. Symptos usually last from one day to five days. In most people the virus is self-limiting, and recover completely, but old or frail people can be lethal.
    I chose this new because it seemed interesting and original because it deals about a subject that i didn’t know before.
    New vocabulary:
    -Self-limiting: autolimitación.

  7. vidalsiquierj Says:


    I chose this article because I think is very interessant.
    An irish dad (46) finished dancing to the chart hit “Gangnam style” in his office Christmas party when he complained of chest pains and suddenly collapsed, he died. The man from Blackburn, Lancashire, was an IT services manager. His wife tried to revive him immediately, and then he was rushed to an hospital, where he was later pronunced dead. He suffered an acute hearth failure.
    -To be pronunced dead: To be declarated dead.
    -Chart: A list of best-selling recorded music.
    -To complain: To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
    -Chest: Pectoral
    -To collapse: To fall down or cave in suddenly
    -To rush: To hurry up.

    • juliamulet Says:

      I chose a new that talk about some scientists that are searching life under Antartica ice.
      They want to find life in extreme conditions (in darkness, intensly cold and with poor nutrients. And obviously they want to study it. The suposed life is under 3 km thick ice, so they need long machines to arrive there. These machines make two holes, one push and pump to the other hole and it equilibrate under water.
      The group of scientists are from the British Antartctic Survey (BAS) and now they are working at the temperature of 17 degrees below 0.
      I think this article is very interesting and I hope some day they will find some kind of life.

  8. vidalandreu98 Says:


    FIA dismisses Ferrari protest and confirms Sebastian Vettel as champion

    Last week in the F1 Grand Prix Vettel had to finish less than three places back of Alonso. Alonso finishes first and Vettel fourth. But Vettel did an ilegal overtaken when a marshall take out the yellow flag. The Ferrari Scuderia did a protest but the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) dimisses the protest and the World Championship was won by the German driver Sebastian Vettel.

    I chose that new because I like the Formula 1

  9. rabassa23 Says:


    I found this article in the New York Times in the film section. I’ve chosen because it is an important film. The film” The Hobbit” is one of the most anticipated releases of 2012 and the book on which it is based is a huge bestseller of famous writer Tolkien.
    The article reviews the film’s storyline. It gives us information about the actors and filming. Talk about movies The Lord of the Rings and explains the close relationship between the famous saga and the new movie The Hobbit.
    Embodiments: Realizaciones, modalidades
    Playfulness: Lúdico, jugueton
    Foreground: Primer planp

  10. andreafr98 Says:

    *I haven’t the link but my piece of new is from New York Times and was published on Wednesday 12.

    *My article talks about an attack that ocurred on Tuesday afternoon. A masked 22-years-old gunman armed did not kill or wound more people in an attack at a suburban mall filled with holidays shoppers.Three people died including the gunman.The victims were 45 and 54 years olds each and both were making Christmas shopping.Finally, there are a four people remained hospitalized in very serious conditions.

  11. claramulet Says:

    *It’s the same article as Josep.
    The piece of news that I have chosen is about a norovirus in a Christmas cruise called Oriana, of the Carnival company. It left Southampton (England) on the fourth December, with 1843 passengers paying up 1400 pounds (1723 euros) for the voyage to visit Oslo, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The company says that probably people contracted the virus outside the boat because they kept all sanitation protocols. They also say that only six persons had the stomach virus symptoms. But passengers claim that ill persons suffering gastroenteritis were 400. In the article there are some quotes: one of a men who says that when passengers were feeling really bad, the ship’s senior officers play it down. And another from a virus specialist that, for help, he said that they had to stop the trip for 48 hours, that is the same as two days; and do a deep clean, but they didn’t do it.
    *Vocabulary : struck down-postrado en cama, shamble-desorden, confusión, desastre, play down-restar importancia, fleet-flota, outbreak-estallido, arranque, comienzo, widespread-extendido, claim-reivindicar, ashore-en tierra, while-mientras.

  12. psocies Says:

    link: http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/#/adam+lanza
    A total of 27 people were killed Friday, in Newton, 20 of them were childrens, in a shooting at an elementary primary school. The shooting ocorred around 09:40 am, shortly after the starts of the classes.
    A police spokeman, lienutenant Paul Vance, confirmed in a serie press conference that in the school died a total of 18 children, 6 adults and the author of the shooting. Two mor children died in the hospital and another adult was found dead.
    The author has been identified by the media (but not officially) as Adam Lanza, who also killed his own mother, Nancy Lanza, who also was a teracher on that school.

    I chose this article because it was the principal notice this weekend and I think that is very interesand.

    media: mitjans de comunicació
    lienutenant: tinent

  13. joanapomar6 Says:


    I chose this news because i think that is interesting and i’m sad for what happening to that girl.

    The tree-year-old girl Sophie Firth died the 13th of desember in Sheffield.This girl once starred in TV soap Emmerdale as Angelica.The accident was in her grandmother’s house, she was leaning over the gas fire in the living room when her dress caught in flames.Her mother ,Amy Harhoff , tried to save her, and her family carried her with 70 per cent of burns at Sheffield Hospital ,and then she was transferred at Newcastle Hospital ,when was 9 days fighting for live ,but she develope a blood infection and she final died.Her parents spoke about their devastation at lose her daughter ,and Sophie’s uncle said :”You do expect that one day you may bury your parents ,but you never expect to bury a child.”

  14. jhazminmarmol Says:

    My piece of new is about a nuclear submariner was caught trying to pass on naval secrets to men he believed were Russian spies. The accused, the engineer Edward Devenny is sentenced to prision for 8 years. He did this because he thought he had been treated badly by the Royal Navy and he decided to steal some nuclear submarine information.
    In the end, the national security is save because the Russian spies were fact MI5 intelligence officers.
    I chose this article because it was the most interesting new I found and because it was the one that I liked most.
    *To dash–>arruinar.
    *Chief petty officer–>suboficial de marina.

  15. vladis890 Says:

    My piece of news tells that the Spanish police seized assets linked to Hosni Mubarak worth in 28 milion euro. 18,4 milion euro of them were frozen in financial products by the banks. Also, there were 7 luxury cars, two buildings in the Moraleja’s district in Madrid, worth in 7 milion euro; and 7 houses in Marbella, worth in 3 milion euro. They said that Mubarak and his inner circle have stolen tens of bilions of dolars, from public founds and by corruption. This organized the revolt against his rule. In Switzerland, there were frozen 441 milion dolars in assets, and in the U.K, 135 milion dolars.
    I chose this article because I found it interesting.
    worth→valorado en
    to seize→apoderarse de

  16. elenaa98 Says:


    I chose this piece of new because it talks about a topic wich everybody is talking about.

    A nurse fooled by a hoax call to the London hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge, was later found hanged. Jacintha Saldanha was found in her nurses’ quarter by a colleague and a member of the security staff. Sadly, she was found hanging. This happened on Friday 7, three days after the call from Australian presenters pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles. Mrs. Saldanha, a 46-years-old nurse, wife, and mother of two, transferred the call to a colleague who later gave plenty of details about the Duchess condition to the hoaxers. The Duchess, who is in her early stages of pregnancy, was receiving treatment at King Edward VII’s hospital, for an extreme form of morning sickness. The two Australian presenters, Michael Christian and Mel Greig, said that they are “gutted and heartbroken” over the death.

    Morning sickness: náuseas matutinas.
    Hoax: truco.
    Staff: personal.

  17. merysantos1998 Says:


    This article tells that International authorities, with some help of Facebook, have arrested 10 people accused of operating a network of infected computers that stole personal information ( like credit cards numbers) from millions of victims.
    The agencies arrested people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Britain, Croatia, Macedonia, New Zeland, Peru and USA. Two of the people who were arrested were the original authors of the malware.
    The suspects used a chain of infected computers to form what was known as the Butterfly botnet.
    Then, three different people gave three different opinions about the arrest:
    The first one, Mark Hammell ( Facebook’s Internet threat researcher) said the company had begun investigating suspicious behavior on its service two years ago. And he also said that Facebook users must be careful because the malware had hijacked some users’ accounts and posted links on their friends’ Facebook pages, and if you click on those links your computer will be infected.
    The second one is Manos Antonakakis ( I like this name ), he said that the size of the Butterfly botnet was significant, it was more than double the size of the last major botnet that authorities took down last November.
    And the last one is Peter G Neumann, who was less excited about the arrest because he said this: “You’re solving a problem that wouldn’t exist if the systems were designed properly”

    I chose this article because I’m so interested in crimes and in those kind of topics.

    New vocabulary:

    botnet–> is a collection of internet-connected computers whose security defenses have been breached and control ceded to a 3rd party.
    malware–>short for malicious (or malevolent) software
    hijack –> secuestrar

  18. tonitorner Says:

    URL code: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-20718362

    Headline: Barcode co-inventor Norman Joseph Woodland dies aged 91

    Summary: Norman Joseph Woodland, inventor of the barcode system, died at his home in New Jersey on Sunday, at the age of 91 years old. He invented this system when he drew four lines in the sand with his four fingers, thinking in the Morse code. When he saw his “creation”, though that the different measure of the lines could work as the dots and dashes do it in the Morse code.
    First he sold this system to a company called Philco, and when it expired the company where Woodland was working at that moment finished the project.
    In 2011 both Woodland and Silver (a Woodland’s classmate he worked with to craete the code) were inducted into the US’s National Inventors Hall of Fame.
    The modern-day barcode is estimated to be scanned more than five billion times every day.

    Opinion: In the BBC’s web page there were pieces of news that I found more interesting than this one, but they were published one or two months ago, so I couldn’t choose them. This one was the one I liked most published between Wednesday and Thursday.

    Vocabulary: Dash-guión

  19. tomasGD Says:

    The piece of new tell about a rotunda in Berlin with a platform that has a circular photographic print. The photo represents the scene of the Berlin Wall, and you can see the daily life of the people that was living with the Wall, also you can watch Berlin in 360-degrees. The scene is in the rotunda of the Chekpoint Charlie, was a crossing point of the Wall very famous. The people says that after seeing the scene you can feel the life of the people that was living with the Berlin Wall. The artist of the photo (Yadegar Asisi) was working around of 3 years.
    I chose this article because is very interesting, also because I saw other projects of the artist.
    – Rotunda -> rotonda
    – Daily life -> vida cotidiana

  20. izabelaigorova02 Says:


    *This piece of new talk about our musical memories and why we can stay with a horrible catchy song for a full day. They explaind that the “earworms” are like parasites that entire in our brain and stay in a part that is totally out of control. Another fact about earworms is that they often seem to have something interesting or usual about them. They also explaind that “earworms” are only simple kind of bits that why repeat for a long time.
    I choose this article because I found it very interesting.
    – Overwhelming: Irresistible.

  21. sergiomr226 Says:

    Link: https://www.google.es/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CDsQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.typicallyspanish.com%2Fnews%2Fpublish%2Farticle_36200.shtml&ei=FKTQUMKdJMWy0QWk-oHQDw&usg=AFQjCNHaw6lV4zjURsKCibfM4AQt8lgOfA&sig2=a946F2hmbwST2iUg9gjbRA&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.d2k

    As part of the launch of the project, which will be off the coast off East Anglia, Iberia and her partner have awarded 23 million euros to the Scottish company ‘Woods’ for metrological studies of East Anglia. The company says they hope to start installing their wind farm during next summer. The farm is hoped to start generating electricity by 2015, providing power for about five million homes. To encourage the project, Iberdrola has established headquarters in Scotland. The electricity company made a profit of 3.063 billion euros in 2011, but that figure was down on the amount filed in 2010 as electricity usage was at its lowest since 2004.

    My opinion:
    Although this article is old, I chose this article because it speaks of a clean renewable energy but the cost of which is very expensive. I think it is interesting not only for me but for all of us because it is an energy that doesn’t pollute and that can can help us to put aut a little bit the pollution.

    wind farm: parque eólico.
    as part of the launch of the project: como parte de la puesta en marcha del proyecto.
    investiment: inversión.
    to encourage: para fomentar.
    headquarters: oficinas.
    figure reached: cifra alcanzada.

  22. miquelbv9 Says:

    This piece of news talks about the life expectancy around the world. It says that a massive international project, wich took five years and involved 500 people has produced the most comprehensive database of the world’s health.
    High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for death today followed by smoking and alcohol that comes third. On these project they saw that in 40 years the life expectancy of the man increased11 years and 12 the women’s life expectancy. The highest live expectancy for a women on the world is in Japan were they live aproximately 86 years and for a man is in Iceland were they live aprox 80 years of average.

    -Disease: Malaltia.
    -Database: base de dades.

  23. eleojitos Says:

    link: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/14/nyregion/police-identity-one-suspect-in-midtown-killing.html?hp&_r=0


    Summary: Police detectives investigating the killing of a man near Columbus Circle on Monday have identified one of the two suspects being sought in the murder, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

    Investigators are now looking for the man, who authorities believe was the driver of the getaway car used afterthe brazen shooting of Brandon Lincoln Woodard, 31, a party and club promoter from Los Angeles.

    Investigators believe that the killing was somehow motivated by drugs, money or both.

    The killer swoops in directly behind Mr. Woodard and shoots him in the back of the head at close range.

  24. paulinguigs Says:

    Catalan parties agree referendum on independence within two years


    All the political parties in Catalonia (except the PP and Ciutadans) joined against the new education law presented by minister Wert. Catalan people consider unacceptable this law because it underestimates catalan and makes children to be discriminate for the school language. Therefore catalans will disobey the law. As a protest some catalan deputis showed the poster “KEEP CALM AND SPEAK CATALAN” copying another English one from Second World War.
    The article also expose the referendum nacionalists catalan parties are calling for independence next 2014.

    forward: progresar.
    to warn: advertir.

  25. Goran Dmitrov Avramov Says:

    I do not have the link of the piece of news I have chosen, but after searching it again, I found another link that talks about the same new:

    This article talks about a photo that was uploaded to the Net in December of 2011. It did not get famous, but last week it got viral, and all the Net started shearing it. In the pic, there’s one little baby sleeping with a man dressed like Santa Claus. And that’s the reason for the boom of that picture: Christmas. Christmas is coming again, and people really liked this pic and they found that it is full of Christmas Spirit!

  26. alvaroalemany Says:

    Here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-20750666

    This article is of Barack Obama that talks about the tragedy of “newtown Shotings”. Obama said he would use the powers of his office to prevent a repeat of the fact. Twenty children and six women died in the assault on Sandy Hook school by a lone man who then took his own life.The gunman has been identified by police as Adam Lanza. He also shot dead his mother before driving to the school in her car. The officials of the facts say taht he was armed with hundreds of rounds of munition, and used a semi-automatic rifle as his main weapon. He was also carrying two handguns, and a shotgun was recovered from a car.

    – gunman: asesino

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