07/11/2012 Students on the spot

Hello students. I am sure that you can remember the activity we worked with some time ago, the one that dealt with interviews to famous sportspeople. Here you have the link: https://1esoe1011.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/interviewing-sportspeople/

Part of that activity involved yourselves emulating those people in the videos and creating your own recorded interviews. We finally have them all together on the same post (except for Toni and Andreu’s, still waiting…).

Enjoy them!


34 Respostes to “07/11/2012 Students on the spot”

  1. Sergio Sánchez Says:

    Congratulations to all of you! I am really happy with the results of your work and I hope you have enjoyed recording your videos and practising your English. Very good!

  2. silviamartinm Says:

    – Paula Gomila, Paula Socias and Carmen’s video it’s good, but I think they have to improve their pronunciation, and it’s better if they look at the camera when they speak and if they do not read.
    – Joan Vidal, Vladis and Alvaro’s video it’s good, the questions and answers are very interesting. But, I think Alvaro has to look to the people who is asking him questions and to the camera too. Joan has to talk a little bit louder and I think all of them have to improve a little bit pronunciation.
    -I think Marta and Andra’s video it’s very good, because they look to the camera and they have almost no mistakes, maybe they have to improve a little bit pronunciation, but I think they did it very well.

  3. vidalandreu98 Says:

    The first thing I have to say is that all the videos are great. Are representative tasks of the work of the class:

    – Joan and Tomas. I think a video of this type of video needs a brief presentation of the athlete. The questions are too short and Joan is reading. It could be improved if the actors look at the camera and put more light at the scene. It is a bit dark. They must improve his pronunciation.

    – Elena, Clara and Joana. Great job! For me it’s the best video: it seems a TV interview, the plot is funny, the questions answers interessant and a good pronunciation finishes this good job. Maybe they can improve characterization if they want a perfect job.

    -Goran and Josep. The most thing I like is the characterization.The pronunciation can be better and Goran is reading. But I thing they have worket on it. Goran, I like your tie!

    • eleojitos Says:

      1-I think that the video of Andrea and Silvia is very good,because it is formal, they have good questions and answers and the scenery is beautiful. Should only improve the pronunciation a bit but overall the video is great.
      2-I think that the video of Noé and Miquel is very funny, if Noé were still in our class, we could say that he don’t have to read, but the idea of changing the camera is very original and they did in this aspect a great job. Miquel could improve in: body language and naturality, he looked like a robot in front of the camera. Apart of this, the video is pretty good.
      3-The video of Sergio, Marina and Maria they could improve two things: speak louder and Marina could talk a little bit more. The information is very good and interessting.

    • eleojitos Says:

      Andreu, perdona, te lo he comentado a ti sin querer!

  4. martitaserra28 Says:

    1- I think that the video of Joana, Elena Flaquer and Julia is good because it is a long video and have an extense information about the athlete but they can improve some aspects like the body language of Joana and Julia, the sound because is a little bit low, the talk of Joana because is short and, for the next video, it would be nice if they look at the camera.
    2- I think that the video of Jhazmín and Izabela is very good. It has many information of the athlete like the one of Joana’s group and it is long but, also, very interesting. What I like most of the video is their body language and that they are very natural in front of the camera. The only thing that they can improve I think that is the light, but it’s a very nice video.
    3- I think that the video of Maria, Silvia and Ariadna has a very good body language, specially Silvia’s one. Also, they have a good pronunciation and they speak clear. I don’t know what they can improve, maybe it’s a little short but all the other aspects are good.

  5. paulinguigs Says:

    I think all the videos are very funny and it’s a nice experience to do that activity.

    The first video I chose is about Clara Mulet and Elena Vollmer. I think they are good, but Elena could be more quiet, her pronunciation it’s ok but she has to improve a little bit more. Clara’s pronunciation could be improved but the way she did it’s good. I think they did a good job.

    The second video I chose is Miquel and Noé’s video. The first think I would say is that the video is too short. In my opinion both should improve their english and they wasted a lot of time changing slides.

    The third video I chose is Maria, Silvia and Ariadna’s video. I think it’s the best one. All of them have a good pronunciation and they are more natural than the others.

  6. marinaescarpa11@gmail.com Says:

    -Josep and Goran did a great job doing this video with the deleted scenes.They were very natural when each other talk to the camera and also with a good pronunciation. But the sound was a little bit low.
    -Silvia, Ariadna and Maria were very good also. Silvia’s roll was very good characterized and she was not shy in front of the camera, she was natural; Ariadna was a little bit shy at first but then she was very good and Maria also did a good job.
    -Paula’s, Carmen’s and Paula’s video it’s fine, but they have to improve their pronunciation and also don’t look at the paper when the video is recording. Paula Gomila’s characterization and pronunciation is good and she doesn’t look at any paper; Paula Socias and Carme’s characterization is also good but their were smiling all the time and looking at the screen

  7. izabelaigorova02 Says:

    -Paula Gomila, Carmen’s and Paula Socies video it’s fine. They talk very natural in front of the camera and Paula Gomila’s accent is really good and understanding. The only thing that they can improve is, the next time, doing whitout reading.

    – Silvia, Ariadna and Maria’s video is very good. They look naturaly in front of the camera and use a body language that is fine for this type of videos. I think they pronunciation is very good.

    -Marta and Andrea’s video is really good too, but I think, the next time, they try to look each other, because in the video both of them look at the camera, but they look also very natural and have a good body language. Marta’s pronunciation is really good, and Andrea’s too.

  8. psocies Says:

    I thing that the best video is from Elena Vollmer and Clara because they dress up like a journalist and like a sport person, they speak a lot and the video it’s so funny, I don’t know if the sound is bad or if they speak low, they can improve that. But the rest is so good, they do a very good job.
    Marta and Andrea’s video is also so good, they don’t speak low and they have a very good pronunciation. The two talk alot, and that is nice. The look natural in front of the camera.
    And finally I thing that Toni and Andreu’s video is so funny, but that the sound is bad because it was recorded on the street. I also thing that they can improve the pronunciation, but they do very well. I also thing that the one who recorded is moving a lot.

    • psocies Says:

      a lot*

    • psocies Says:

      I have to correct that I can’t coment Toni and Andreu’s video because is not on this post, so I’m going to coment another:

      I think that Maria, Silvia and Ariadna’s video is so nice, the sound is good, the pronunciation is good, they look so natural in frot of the camera, they talk a lot… it’s all nice.

  9. Carme Sampol Says:

    First, I think these videos are great and fun and we have done much to improve our pronunciation.

    -I think that the video of Joana, Julia and Elena is very good. Elena above all have very good pronunciation and the questions are quite informative. The three make it fantastic without looking at the paper and making it very quietly.

    -I think that the video of Marina, Maria and Sergio it’s fine and good pronunciation, but there is a lot of street noise and the music is a little higher than normal and I think that you inpide us that perfectly hear the interview.

    -I think that video of Joan, Vladis and Alvaro is good but there is very little light and doesn’t let us clearly see the interviewers and the athlete. Alvaro would have to look more to the camera and to the public, but his pronunciation is very good. Joan questions are informative but he would talk more and be relaxed.

  10. jhazminmarmol Says:

    *I think the video of Joan Sebastià and Tomás can improve a lot. Joan Sebastià is always looking at the questions, the sound and the light are not good. They can improve their pronunciation and I think the interview was very short.
    *Joan Vidal, Vladis and Álvaro’s video it’s good but they can improve some aspects: Álvaro has to look more often to the interviewers and not against the floor. The body lenguage can improve too. I think Vladis said many times “okay” as answers but it’s a interesting interview.
    *Goran and Josep’s video it’s very fun but also very well worked and professional. The characterization of the characters are really good. Both of them have a very good pronunciation but like all of us, they could improve it. I like very much the body language of them but, specially Goran’s one. I think the sound is a bit low. For me, this interview is the best.

  11. miquelbv9 Says:

    I think that Marta and Andrea’s video is very good because there is a good place for an interview. The sound is very good but the body language of Andrea can improve.

    The Josep and Goran’s video is a very good one because they worked on the decoration and they speak clear and loud. An other very good point of the video is that the deleted scenes are very fun.

    I liked Paula Gomila, Paula Socias and Carmen’s video, but I think they have to improve their pronunciation, and it’s better if they don’t read and they look at the audience.

  12. jospomar Says:

    1.-Ithink that that the video of Noe and Miquel is fine but they need to pronounce better don’t use that much time changing from one to another and also that Noe is almost all the time reading. And last but not least its so short its just 1:27 and all the rest are the deleted scenes.

    2.-Joan S. Tomas. There is a lot of problems: its dark, the pronunciation is not very good, Joan always reads, and the sound is not clear and sometimes you hear that they are talking but you dont understand it at all.

    3.-The third video is the one of Clara and Elena. They did a very good characterisation and they prepared a very good background but at the begining Elena began talking with some kind of accent that i couldn’t identify Summarizing its very good .

  13. ariadnabalufo Says:

    -I think Jhazmin and Izabela’s video it’s very good. They are very natural talking to each other and the pronunciation it’s good, specially Jazmin’s. The information that they tell t in the video is very interesting and enjoying.
    I only would change the place where they recorded, because it’s a bit dark.
    -The next video I choose is Goran and Josep’s. I think this video is one of the bests. The pronuntiation is good and also I think that is enjoying the caracteritzation of Goran. Also they did a great job with the deleted scenes.
    -The last video that I choose is Marta and Andrea’s. I think that it’s very good. The pronunciation it’s good and they speack clearly. The information is interesting and the place where they recorded is nice, there is a lot of light. They did a very good job.

  14. tomasGD Says:

    – I think that the video of Joan, Alvaro and Vladis need more light, Alvaro a lot of time is watching the ground and he need to look more at the camera. Also, they can improve your pronunciation.

    – I think that the video of Sergio, Maria and Marina it’s very good, but they need to improve your pronunciation. Also the video has music and it’s a little bit difficult to understand them.

    – I think that the video of Goran and Josep it’s very good, they have good pronunciation, there is light, they are watching the camera, and the video is very funny.

    Also I liked the video of Andreu and Toni, but is not upload in the post.

  15. sergiomr226 Says:

    I think that the video of Paula Gomila, Paula Socies and Carmen is good. All of they can improve something. I think that Carmen can memorise his part because all the time she looked to the paper as same as Paula Socies. I think that the best of the three is Paula Gomila because she talked a lot, she is very fluency and very formal. Finally Paula Socies and Carmen can improve the pronunciation more than Paula Gomila because she memorized his part and his pronunciation is good.

    I think that the video of Marta and Andrea is very good (one of the best for me) because they studied his part, they are fluency but they haven’t got body language for don’t say nothing. I think Marta is quieter as Andrea. Finally, I think that they did a very good interview.

    I think that the video of Miquel and Noé is so good. I think that Noé is more fluency as Miquel. Also, I think that they haven’t got a lot of body language. The deleted scenes are a very good idea and how they did the video. I liked very much but the interview is a little bit short.

    I think that the video of Isabela and Jhazmin is better than the Tomás and Joan Sebastià video because the two girls talked more fluence, they have body language and the two boys spoke very slowly, they haven’t got body language. The same happens in the video of Silvia, Maria and Ariadna Balufo because they are more fluency, they spoke a little bit fast and they have got body language.

    Well done for all of you friends! Congratulations for the work. I liked very much.

  16. juliamulet Says:

    The first video I choose is the Jhazmin and Izabela’s video because I think that they pronunce very well and we can understand it very easy. But I think that the quality of the image is a bit low, and also a bit dark.

    The other video is the Maria, Marina and Sergio’s video. The content is interesting, is easy to understand but is not very fluent and the music is a bit high.

    And the last video I choose is the Goran and Josep’s video because they speak very clear. Is not very complex and the deleted scenes are very funny.

  17. elenaa98 Says:

    Video 1: It is Clara and Elena’s video. I really liked this one because it is different from the others, it is very original. In one hand, they pronounced pretty well and the interview was well prepared, and in the other one, they made it a bit funny, that’s why I liked it.

    Video 2: It is Joan Sebastià and Tomás’ video. I think they can improve pronunciation, fluency when speaking, and the sound’s quality. I also think they should’ve made it a bit longer, because it is very short, and that they shouldn’t have read the paper all the time.

    Video 3: It is Izabela and Jhazmin’s video. I think they did it alright, but they can improve a couple of things: pronunciation, some problems with the verb tenses and the video’s quality could be better. A part from this, they did it very good and the interview was well prepared.

  18. vladis890 Says:

    -I liked a lot the interview from Goran and Josep. They spoke clear, and they have a very good pronunciation, but in some parts, the audio it’s a little bit bad. They spoke fluency, and they made very good answers and questions.
    -Joan S. and Tomas made a good video, but it’s too short, the answers and the questions are very simple and both of them speak bit. They have to improve the pronunciation. But the sound quality it’s good.
    -The video of Clara and Elena it’s also good. The audio it’s a little bit low. But, they have a good pronunciation. Some tiems, they speak a little bit slow. I think that Clara has to speak lauder.

  19. claramulet Says:

    -I think all the videos are very well prepared.
    -The first video that I want to comment i’ts Maria, Marina and Sergio’s one: I’ts very good, the content it’s interesting and also the editing part. But I have to say that the bottom music it’s too high and we can’t hear perfectly about what they speak. I think it’s very funny.
    -The second one: The video that was done by Vladis, Joan, and Álvaro. The only problem it’s that Joan didn’t hardly speak, the rest of the aspects are fine. Well, they can improve a little bit their pronuntation.
    -The third video: Andreu and Toni’s video – It’s original and funny, but quality sound isn’t very good because they are in the street.

  20. vidalsiquierj Says:

    -The video of Noé and Miquel is very well done, but Noé looks at the screen of the computer and it seems that Miquel is looking a paper too. Appart of that, as I said, is very well done.
    -The video of Goran and Josep is very funny and they prepared it conscientiously. They need to improve the sound’s quality.
    -The video of Toni and Andreu is very elaborated and they made a very good job focusing on the questions and the long answers Toni answer. The camera could easly be more quiet and sound’s quality could be better (if they had done it in a closed space, and not in the street).

  21. mariamelis Says:

    I have choosen three of those videos that are about interviews to a sport person. The videos are:
    -Interviewer: Shanaze Reader, with Marta Serra and Andrea Fernandez.
    I think that the introduction is very good. And there are a beautiful stage and the place is very illuminated. They should have worn a dress appropriated for the athlete and the interviewer, the interviewer maybe could have a microphone. The athlete is always looking at the camera and the interviewer would have to look more to the athlete because he is interviewing him. The athlete moves her legs all time, and the final video where the athlete demonstrates what she makes with the bicycle is very well.
    -Interview with Rebbeca Adlington, with Isabela Igorova and Jhazmin Marmol.
    I think that the introduction is very good, but the lighting is not very good because the video is a bit dark. When they move does not look good image. They speak very fast but the pronunciation is good. The athlete and the interviewer should have worn an appropiated dress.
    -English video Elena and Clara, BBC sport.
    This video hasn’t got introduction, the place is good and the costumes are very good, the athlete is not seen much. The sound is fine and the pronunciation it’s ok. The place is well lit, the interviewer turns and takes off his glasses much and the music at the end is very well.

  22. andreafr98 Says:

    *The first video that I chose it’s Ariadna,Silvia and Maria’s. For me they did a very good job. The situation is very appropiate to do a interview. The information is interesting and we can understand all they say clearly. They are very natural in front of the camara,and their pronunciation is very good.

    *The second video that I chose it’s Joan,Vladis and Alvaro’s. I think they video are very good but they have to change some things, like the situation, look at the camara, talk a little bit louder…Also, their information and pronunciation is good.

    *Finally, I chose the video of Miquel and Noé’s. I think their video is very funny but a little bit short. I think Noé is more relax and have more body language than Miquel but both did a good work.And also,Noé has to try not to read the information.

    *Apart of those aspects the three videos are very good.

  23. alvaroalemany Says:

    The three first video that I can choose are:

    1.- Miquel and Noe’s video, I think is the best and the funniest of all the others. They have to improve the pronunciation but the script is well. And the outtakes takes a good think for the video. I liked very much.

    2.- The second it can be many videos, but I think is the video of Marta and Andrea. Because they have very good pronunciation good place and very good camera. Is very original the video that they put at the finnal of the video. Very very good video.

    3.- The third video, I think is the video of Elena Vollmer and Clara. Elena is very well dressed and she speak very well, they don’t have shame, but they don’t put an introduction. The sound is good and the music at the end is very good.

    * This is my opinion of the three best videos.

  24. tonitorner Says:

    First video: Maria Santos, Silvia and Ariadna Balufo’s video. The sound could be better, but I liked their representation of the journalists and sportsman. They also speak very fluent. I think that they should look more to the camera, but it’s very good.

    Second video: Marta and Andre’s one . They pronunced very well and the sound and image were very good too. I liked the idea of putting a video of the true BMX’s racer at the end, but they could have choosen one which have better quality.

    Thirth video: Elena Flaquer, Joana and Clara’s one: It have a good sound and a good quality, and they pronunced good too. I think that Clara spoke a little bit low.

  25. joanapomar6 Says:

    1-Video of Maria,Marina and Sergio:I think this video is good,but they can improve the body language.The music is to loud,and the sound isn’t too good.But the video is interesting and they have a good work.
    2-Video of Marta and Andrea:I think this is a very good video becausethe place is perfect ,their body language are great and their pronunciation is good.They speak naturally and the video looks good and realistic.
    3-Video of Goran and Josep:The sound isn’t perfect, but they do very well.Is a good video and they speak professionally and their pronunciation is great.The content of the video is very interesting.I especially like the false takings ,because their are very funny.

  26. marinabarcenas Says:

    Well, I chose the Goran’s video, the Sergio’s video and Clara’s video
    Goran and Josep did a very good work, I think the pronunciation is so good, they put music and some effects in the video that are funny and it’s easy to understand
    Elena Vollmer and Clara did also a very good and original work but I didn’t understand some words and sentences that they said, maybe it’s difficult to understand but Elena’s character is funny.
    Finally, Sergio Marina and Maria did also a good work but I think that the sound is bad and if they add music in the video the sound not improve.

  27. ariadnaoliver Says:

    I really like the video of Goran and Josep, I find it very realistic and well understood, the sound quality is good and is very well structured. The interview is very original and detail of the outtakes is fun and makes video more enjoyable to watch.

    I love the video of Clara and Elena, I guess the most fun is the acting and the role of Elena is very elaborate and refined. Apart, the English is correct and easily understood. It’s too long and sometimes speak a little slow and the interview becomes boring and heavy, but after all it is a great job.

    Video of Miquel and Noé is very well prepared aesthetic appearance, is very elaborate assembly of the videos and is very enjoyable to watch and fake scenes are fun but it is very short and there is very little information about the athlete. The bad thing about the video is that t is incomplete, have focused too much on the technical side.

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