3.en.50 Last day of school: looking back and ahead

One year ago, we spent the morning together at Parc de Sa Riera to celebrate the end of school and to say good bye  until the following  September, a long summer was ahead. (Click here to see the pics in the blog)  A whole school year has gone by since that time and lots of things have hapenned. If you look at the pics from last year party, you will realise how much older you look. In this year pics,  there are also  lots of new faces of students that have joined our group and are now your friends: Goran, Clara, Julia, Tomás, Toni, ElenaV, ElenaF, Ariadna O, Marina B. Some classmates have moved to other groups, Pau Seguí, Pau Campomar, Álvaro Alemany,  but we still see them around at the Ramon Llull and you also coincide with them in German lessons. So, despite leaving the group, friendship will last and memories of the time spent together will stay with us.

Next year, Marga Bauzà, will not be with us, she will move to Sineu. We shall miss her. However, Sineu is not that far, isn’t it? and I’m sure she’ll keep in touch. We have promissed her to keep her in the Google group next year and, if we carry on with the blog, she’ll b e welcomed to contribute. It will also be a good excuse to visit Sineu and, who knows, we might end up setting up a collaboration with Marga’s new group in our English class.

Anyway, it has been a pleasure being your teacher. Enjoy the summer . See you next year.


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