3.en.49 Great microstories! From a poem to 29 versions. “Brevity is the soul of wit”

Where do poets get their inspiration from? the Muses?  What about writers? This is the first set of  your microstories. I will publish the rest as soon as you type them in Google docs. I am really impressed. Robert Graves’  poem “Legs”  triggered your response, which was great indeed.  Your versions of Graves’ poem are varied and fun.  I  hope you enjoyed writing them as much as I enjoyed reading them . Check how witty and surprising  your classmates texts are. You,  the muses and Robert Graves’ inspiring poem deserve all the credit. My proof reading has been limited to a couple of words. Congratulations again! 2nd ESO E might be a class made of wannabe writers and nobody has noticed it…

With Emili, you have been working with scientific microstories https://1esoe1011.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/3-es-50-microrrelatos-cientificos/ Your stories show that you have grasped the potentiality of the genre and that long stories are not necessarily better than short ones. Remember Polonius’ words  in Hamlet brevity is the soul of wit” 

2nd ESO E 2011/12 microstories  unchained by   Robert Graves’ poem  “ legs”

Toni Torner

Yesterday morning I was walking along the street when, suddenly, I saw a bike that appeared from the upper part of the stairs. It did a big jump, and then it landed onto the stairs, without falling to the ground. All the people were very surprised (or scared), but not because of the jump. They were surprised because who/what drove the bike wasn’t a person, they were two legs, two legs from the knees down.


Marina Escarpa:

One day, in the morning, I was talking  with my left leg about our relationship because it was getting worse. This day, I saw my left leg with another right leg. I was destroyed and my heart was blind. At night,  my right leg and me had a argument about the event and finally we broke-up. I was happy and sad with myself, but I was born again.


Elena Flaquer:

I woke up, in the middle of the night, or that’s what I thought. I opened my eyes and jumped out my bed. I went downstairs, barely awake, and got an umbrella. I got out to the street and stood under the rain a few minutes, holding my umbrella. I was surprised because there were a lot of legs, wandering around. I put my umbrella down, to see the people. I chuckled, surprised.  Was I dreaming? Was that possible? The legs were just legs, walking without knowing where they were going. Coming, going, walking, running. A few drops of rain fell on my shoulders while I was looking to that show, amazed. The rain on the road kept on tapping loudly, and the shoes of the legs splashed in the water. I asked myself, may I start walking like them? I touched my shins, and suddenly, I woke up, but this time I was really awake. Did I dream that? Most probably. I took off my sheets and stared at my legs. They were there, intact. Yes, I dreamt it. But it had been the best dream I’ve ever had.


Ariadna Balufo:

I was walking along the road on my way to my house. I was looking down, thinking about all my problems. Then it seemed that the road started to move like a ribbon on the air.
There were lots of people going in opposite directions.
Suddenly, my alarm clock rang, it was a nightmare!


Marta Serra:

The last time I saw my legs, they were running by the wet road full of puddles. I tried to call them but they couldn’t listen to my voice and I saw how they disappeared against the gray sky.


Silvia Martin:

Two tiny, beautiful, silky legs. They had a small or large problem depending on how you think about it. But let’s get to the point, their problem was that they didn’t find the rest of their body. They went on looking for it for a long time, but they didn’t know what  it  looked like. One day they were in the park trying to get tan. And suddenly they heard someone crying behind them. And so there it was! a beautiful body crying because she couldn’t move and the legs realized that this espectacular body was theirs. They decided to hang out together. Today I still don’t know if they managed to make it work.


Jhazmín Mármol:

I am a puddle of the forest. I’m never alone, sometimes birds bathe with my water. Yesterday something amazing happened, I think magical. A pair of legs were reflected in my water. When I closed my eyes for a moment, suddenly, those legs were 4! From this day on they have always been together, playing and running without stopping.


Maria Santos:


-they have a rhythm ( 1,2,1,2, left, right, left, right)

-they can walk, they can run, they can jump, they can’t fly.

-they can’t be separated.

-you can’t control them.

-they are legs and they are free.


Marga Bauzà:

I’m a puddle in the woods, I feel like my surroudings are wet and the smell of cold in the air.

The shoes and the legs of the people pass over me and I hear that they say: -Oh! The water of this puddle is very cold!

Some animals come and drink from my water, and when the sun reflects its light, I turn bright.


Vladislav Nikolov:

One night I saw two legs with two shoes running, so I followed them. They ran in a very narrow street, but I followed them. The shoes started to run towards me, and I only saw 2 legs with 2 shoes. I was an inspired poet, so I wrote about it.


Clara Mulet: THE RAIN

Some people hate me, some people love me. Some people use umbrellas when I fall, some people prefer to enjoy the water. I only know that when I fall from the clouds it is as if I did skydiving. And I like it so much!


Miquel Blanch:

One day a man got up and saw that he had lost his legs. He found them alone and sad. So he asked them what had happened and his legs told him that they didn’t  want to stay with him because he never did sport and his legs where bored. So he promised them that he was going to do sport and he recovered his legs.


Júlia Mulet

Hello, I’m a puddle. I’m going to tell you a secret: my hobby is watching the anger of the people when they step on me. Wait! Oh my god, the poet in the grass is coming with his sons wearing rubber boots. Splash!…


Isabela Igorova.

Message from an umbrella.

Today I have to stay  home, because the sun is  shining outside. I know that you only think about  me when the day is grey and cloudy. No one can protect you like me when the drops fall down from the sky and crash in your black hair.


Andrea Fernández:

Hello, we are two legs without body. We search a body without legs. The body has to be friendly, beautiful, funny… And you have to like walking  and running over the puddles, which is  fun. If you are interested, call to : 156239654 . If you call now , we’ll give you a pair of shoes!


Andreu Vidal.

Legs are useful for lots of things: to cycle, to play football, to do karate… But I think the most important thing that we can do is take a walk with them and think in all things in which they help us.


Josep Pomar

One rainy day in the afternoon, when I was returning home from work I fell down in the grass near the road side. When I got up, I saw that there were no people walking in the street. They were all legs and I didn’t know what was happening because the umbrella didn’t let me see the whole body of the people walking in the street. I was so scared and I fainted but I got up in my house watching TV.


Isidro De La Torre

I was there, in the center of the road, nobody in the street. Everything was very dark when suddenly a big car stepped on me. I dispersed and disappeared. I was a puddle and this is my death story.


Joan Vidal

There was a roadside full of legs, without their bodies, just  legs. Some were entering the shops and some were running, with trainers. It was a cloudy day and I was sick, I thought it was real, but it was not.


Goran Dimitrov:

Two legs are running, two legs are walking.

One leg is running, one leg is walking.

-Where’s my left one?


Joan Sebastià Bosch

That day was horrible, legs began to appear in the buildings, stepping on all the puddlels of the city and constantly splashing and splashing and annoying everyone. These were somebody’s legs, but just the legs, with no owners, walking without control.


Tomás Golomb:

When Robert Graves was going to his house along a little road, he heard a sound and coming out from a bush he saw a pair of feet. Robert was scared , it rained and he ran. He slipped, but quickly he got up and went home and he was safe. After this time he never saw anything like that again.


Ariadna Oliver;

Confessions of a leg.

I, a right leg, I see things from an unique perspective. My knees, my waist, my belly button and neither my eyes can see the world like me. From down here everything is so big, everything is so simple. From down here I really understand that everything falls down. From down here I can see how other people progress. When you’re down here you learn how to appreciate what you see, even  small ones. When you are standing on the ground you can see how quick things progress, you also realize that the others do not care what happens around. Come and go and never stop.


Marina Bàrcenas:

LEGS 1: Hey Robert!

LEGS 2: What are you doing Robert’s legs?

ROBERT’S LEGS: I don’t know. I’m lost.

LEGS 2: Oh, Good luck, bye bye. I have to go to my sister’s house. Sorry.

ROBERT: What is this? I see only legs!

(Robert’s legs start to run)

ROBERT: Eh, where are you going? I need you.



Experimentam amb mecanismes

Ves a la pàgina web següent, explora, experimenta i respon


Si tens algun dubte pots utilitzar l’ajuda que t’ofereix la mateixa pàgina.

Ves a l’apartat politges

  1. Quina diferència hi ha entre el sistema unitari i l’acoblament multiplicador?

  1. Quina diferència hi ha entre el sistema unitari i el sistema inversor de gir? És unitari aquest sistema inversor de gir? Per què?

  1. Amb el sistema multiplicador de politges de la web, quin guany en la velocitat obtenim? I què passa amb la força?

    1. Si el motor gira 36 voltes, quantes en farà D2?

    2. Si la força en l’eix del motor és de 50 N, quina força obtindrem en l’eix de la conduïda?

  1. Amb el sistema reductor de politges de la web, quin guany en la velocitat obtenim? I què passa amb la força?

    1. Si el motor gira 36 voltes, quantes en farà D2?

    2. Si la força en l’eix del motor és de 50 N, quina força obtindrem en l’eix de la conduïda?

  1. Tria l’apartat de sistema múltiple i digues cap a on roda cada politja.

Ves a l’apartat corrioles

  1. Quina força s’ha de fer amb una corriola simple? Quina longitud de corda hem d’estirar?

  1. Quina força s’ha de fer amb un polispast? Quina longitud de corda hem d’estirar?

  1. Quina força s’ha de fer amb el polispast en cascada d’aquest apartat? Quina longitud de corda hem d’estirar?

  1. Quina força hem de fer amb una corriola mòbil per aixecar 82 N de pes?

  1. Quina força hem de fer amb un polispast doble per aixecar 165 N de pes?

  1. Quina força hem de fer amb un polispast connectat en cascada per aixecar 208 N de pes?

Ves a l’apartat engranatges

  1. Tria l’apartat reductor de velocitat

    1. Si el motor gira 20 voltes, quantes en farà z2?

    2. Si posam un pes de 28 N, quin pes màxim podrem aixecar en R?

  1. Tria l’apartat multiplicador de velocitat

    1. Si el motor gira 20 voltes, quantes en farà z2?

    2. Si posam un pes de 51 N, quin pes màxim podrem aixecar en R?

  1. Quin és l’avantatge del cargol sense fi-corona? Fes un esquema d’aquest mecanisme.

  1. Hi ha transformació de moviment al mecanisme de pinyó cremallera? Per què?. Fes un esquema d’aquest mecanisme?

Ves a l’apartat reptes i resol el segon. Indica la direcció de cadascun dels mecanismes presents.

3.ca.33. El text d’opinió. Generació Doraimon

Llegeix el text i fes els exercicis de més avall (per a divendres 28-4-12)

Generació Doraemon

Per a aquells que encara no ho sàpiguen, en Doraemon és un personatge de dibuixos animats d’origen japonès que TV3 ha fet famós al nostre país. Es tracta d’un gat amb poders màgics que té una butxaca a la panxa ( talment com un cangur) d’on treu tota mena d’objectes i màquines per tal de satisfer els desitjos i aturar les pors d’en Novita, el nen de la casa on viu. En Novita és un nen malcriat que tot sovint és el blanc de les burles dels seus amics, en Gegant i en Suneo, bàsicament perquè és força maldestre. Com que també és força malestudiant, en Novita rep cada dos per tres els crits de la mestra de l’escola i, és clar, de la seva mare, retratada a la sèrie com una mestressa de casa inculta i, sobretot, histèrica. “Novitaaaaaaaaaaaa!”, és el seu crit de guerra habitual, que encara em ressona a l’oïda tot i que fa algun temps que no veig cap capítol de la sèrie.
Però tornem al personatge d’en Doraemon. Com dèiem, en Novita necessita de manera permanent l’ajut del gat màgic. “Doraemon… vull guanyar en gegant i en Suneo al beisbol”, li comenta el marrec. I ràpidament el gat es treu de la butxaca un bat màgic que li dona força per aconseguir el que sigui. “Els amics m’han fet tal broma i en vull venjar”, diu en Novita. El gat màgic no s’ho pensa dos cops i posa al servei del nen un aparell que li permet riure’s dels seus amiguets. I així, en infinitat de situacions, fins i tot quan el noiet no vol que la mare  sàpiga que ha supès algun examen, en Doraemon protegeix en Novita dels problemes que li arriben del món exterior.

Els comento tota aquesta història perquè sovint tenc la sensació que les generacions de nens i joves que pugen en aquest inici de segle són com petits Novita, constantment protegits i servits per uns pares molt semblants a en Doraemon. “No em ve bé de menjar això o això altre”, insisteixen. Però els pares, tot i que saben, o haurien de saber, que allò que els donen és bo per a la salut i el creixementdels seus fills, acaben cedint, no fos cas que el nen patís algun disgust. Els papes doraemon se senten llavors més tranquils. Almenys el nen no emprenya i està content.

En altres ocasions, els papes doraemon no tenen cap inconvenient – per evitar-se nous problemes-  a complaure qualsevol altra necessitat no urgent dels novites al seu càrrec. I és que a aquests nens  -o no tan nens- se’ls fa mnolt difícil esperar si han decidit que volen una cosa, encara que cinc segons abans de passar davant d’aquell aparador, allò que ara tant desitgen no sabien ni que existís.

Però els papes doraemon no solament satisfan constantment qualsevol desig banal dels seus novites particulars. També els protegeixen de qualsevol esforç o situació que els pugui molestar o provocar un mínim de frustació. Ara bé, lúnic que aconsegueixen d’aquesta manera és tallar la capacitat dels seus fills per obtenir i generar els recursos que necessitaran el dia de demà, és a dir: no els eduquen. De fet, ja ho diu la cançó: ” En Doraemon ho pot fer. De recursos en té molt. A la butxaca màgica trobaràs invents per tot”. I així, qualsevol.

                                                                                              Miquel Riera

1. LLegeix el text amb atenció i cerca al diccionari el significat de les paraules que no entenguis.

2. El text té dues parts clarament diferenciades. Quines són? De què parla cada una? Com es relacionen una amb l’altra?

3. Segons l’autor d’aquest text els pares d’avui dia cometen dos grans errors. Quins són? Assenyala  on ho diu en el text.

4. Comenta el sentit i la intenció de les frases subratllades.

5. Canvia el títol del text.

6. Fes un resum breu del text.

7. De quin tipus de text es tracta?

8 . El text descriu un aspecte de la teva generació. Hi estàs d’acord? T’hi sents identificat? Escriu un text on expressis la teva opinió, tot contestant aquestes dues preguntes.

3.ca.32. Sant Jordi

3.es.51 The hunger games

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3.ca.31. Sant Jordi. Miram, inventam i escrivim!

Aquest post és per fer feina demà a classe.

Mecanismes de transmissió i transformació de moviment

Aquí teniu una presentació que explica els mecanismes de transmissió i transformació de moviment.
Aprofundim en els engranatges:
Aquest vídeo és d’un anunci de TV. Es torba una mica en carregar, però val la pena