3.en.46 Welcome to our new German friends from Friedrich-von-Alberti-Gymnasium!

A year ago, a group of German  students came to visit us (Check the post on our blog).

 We enjoyed their visit and it seems they did too, so here they are again.

Today 15 German  students and their teachers will be our guests during English class. Though they are a bit older than you, we thought it would be a good opportunity for you to meet them. You were asked to prepare a short  presentation  about our local traditions and festivals ( Sant Joan, Sant Sebastià and Sant Antoni).

These are the students who will be with us today:

  • Veronika Reichle
  • Jacqueline Bloch
  • Melissa Ebel
  • Lena Schlembach
  • Michelle Messner
  • Laura Herzog
  • Jacqueline Grötz
  • Hanna May
  • Mirian Hërst
  • Nicole Fritz
  • Victoria Röhrle
  • Linda Schmidt
  • Selina Sprenger
  • Christian Thren

Welcome to all of them! we wish them a happy stay with us.


Here follow some links you might find useful to get further information on our local traditions.

Majorca Daily Photoblog is an old time friend and a priceless source of information about our island. It is written in English by Klaus, a German man who lives in Majorca and whose posts and photos about Majorca show and inquisitive mind and a deep knowledge and love for Majorca. He has visited our school, talked to our students about his activity as a blogger and  has kindly given us permission to use his blog and his pics for our lessons.

I have chosen some posts for you, but I encourage you to run a search and find out more about local traditions and holidays.  After the break, you’ll have time to work at the computer room. Post your findings to our blog .

Some posts on   Sant Sebastià and Sant Antoni

What was the most inspiring pic?

What was the most surprising tradition?

Post a comment to Majorca Daily Photo Blog. I’m sure Klaus will appreciate it.






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