1.en.10 Let’s make a deal

I hope all of you understand what to make a deal is. So, let’s make a deal. We’ve been doing lots of reading these last posts. Also, we have been discussing and talking about serious matters. I have decided to give you a break. Every 9 posts I will give you time to breath. So, the time has come, as this is post number 10.

In this post, you will only have to watch a video in absolute silence. Then, you’ll…

No, I will not tell you what to do. Just watch it . No homework. If you decide to make a deal, it will be a secret between you and me.




2 Respostes to “1.en.10 Let’s make a deal”

  1. sergiomr226 Says:

    Thanks María!!!

  2. Alejogaqev Says:

    Hello. My favourite search mashine


    OK google!
    OK google!
    OK google!


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