1.en.6 Revision of comparatives to help you compare cities: size, population, wealth, density

Now, we’ll have a closer look at grammar and see how to compare adjectives. There are some rules you must bear in mind.

Look at this excellent power point from grup14  and check if you understand how comparing adjectives works. Take notes in your workbook. Label your notes: grammar, comparatives and also make a reference to the post (1.en.6.) this way you will always know where your notes come from.

Did you find the presentation useful?

We shall do more practice in class and you must have the rules at hand, but now some homework. Before Tuesday the 27th

Go to  Vicent Viel’s first post: Principals aglomeracions urbanes and click on the link he gave you:


Homework: Tuesday 27th September. Make 3 sentences comparing the cities that appear in the chart and post them to the blog. Copy the sentences you post in your notebook too.

Rules for doing this exercise.

  • You cannot repeat a sentence that has previously been posted.
  • When you mention a city, you must know where the city  is a you must also be able to locate the city in a map.

It will be easier for the first ones to post the comments to the blog, so Hurry up!

Useful terms.

more populated than

most heavily populated

more densely populated than

less populated

the most populated in .. /the least populated in …..

You can compare cities at world level, within a continent or within a country. You can also compare continents.

No excuses for lack of data. If you run out of information to make your three sentences check this other site:



29 Respostes to “1.en.6 Revision of comparatives to help you compare cities: size, population, wealth, density”

  1. marinaescarpa11 Says:

    1-Tokio has more population than Osaka.
    2-Asia is the biggest continent in the world, with 45 square kilometers.
    3-The smallest town with fewer people is Vancouver, with 2,425,000 habitants.

  2. sergiomr226 Says:

    1.- Los Angeles has more population than karachi. Los Angeles are in United States of America and the population is 18.100.000. Karachi is in Pakistan and the population is 17.000.000.
    2.- Africa has a larger urban population than North America and has 25 of the world’s fastest growing large cities.
    3.- New York City, London, Paris and Tokyo are deemed to be the most powerful cities in the world.

  3. merysantos1998 Says:

    San Francisco is closer to the sea than Las Vegas.
    Las Vegas is hotter than San Francisco.
    China is bigger than Japan

  4. vidalsiquierj Says:

    1. Shangai hasn’t more population than Seoul.
    2.Tokyo is the city that has more population of the world.
    3.Liverpool has less population than Lyon.

  5. ariadnaoliver Says:

    1. The city most populated in the world is Tokio with 35.197.000 inhabitants, after we have city of México with 19.411.000.
    2. The city less populated in the world is ”La ciudad del Vaticano with 920 inhabitants.
    3. New York has more population than Phoenix, Arizona. New York has 8.175.133 inhabitants and Phoenix, Arixona has 1.445.632.

  6. jospomar Says:

    1.-Mumbai (Bombay) is more populated than Mexico city.
    2.-New York is going to be one of the richest cities in the world.
    3.-Paris is one of the most business service.

  7. jospomar Says:

    3.-Paris is one of the most business city in Europe

  8. noesanzu Says:

    1.- Shangai has more population than Tucson.
    2.- Sevilla is more densely populated than Liverpool.
    3.- Rio de Janeiro is bigger than Barcelona.

  9. isidelatorre Says:

    -Beijing is most heavily populated than Rio De Janeiro
    -Houston is bigger than Santiago De Chile
    -Birmingham is one of the least populated in the world

  10. silviamartinm Says:

    – New York nas more population than Los Angeles.
    – The second city less populated in the world is Krasnojarsk
    – Albany is less populated than Mérida (mexico).

  11. andreafr98 Says:

    *Did you find the presentation useful?
    Yes, I think that is a good presentation.

  12. margaabauza Says:

    París has more population than Chicago.
    The fourth city less populated in the world is Jixi.
    Jining is less populated than Konya.

  13. andreafr98 Says:

    1.-Boston has more population than Hong Kong.
    2.-Stuttgart and Coimbatore has the same population.
    3.-Batam has less population than Tiruchirappalli.

  14. jhazminmarmol Says:

    -Rio de Janerio has more populated than Chicago.
    – Barcelona(Spain) has the same population than Harbin(China). The population is 12.600.000.
    -Surakarta(Indonesia) is less populated than India.

  15. vladis890 Says:

    San Francisco has more population than Detroit.
    The tenth city more populated in the world is Manila.
    Lagos is less populated than Shanghai.

  16. izabelaigorova02 Says:

    *Madrid has more population than Singapur.
    *Minneapolis is biggest than Seattle.
    *Orlando has less population than San Diego.

  17. ariadnabalufo Says:

    – Las Vegas (United States of America) has the same population like Munich (Germany).
    – The country less populated in the world is Pitcairn with 48 habitants.
    – Tunisia is less populated than Portugal.

  18. miquelbv9 Says:

    1. New York is more populated than Madrid.
    2. Las Vegas is most heavily populated than Mérida.
    3. Madrid is more populated than old Greenland.

  19. martitaserra28 Says:

    Rome has more population than Barcelona.
    Vatican has lees population than Palma.
    Russia is bigger than France.

  20. janpacha100 Says:

    Tokyo has the hyghest number of citicens and tuscon has the slowest level

    Sidney has a lots of artificial ground and Paris has a natural ground

    Egypt has more monuments than any country

  21. psocies Says:

    1) Chicago is more populated than Washington.
    2) Delhi is bigger than Moskva (Moscow).
    3) San Francisco is less populated than Hong Kong.

  22. tomasgolombduran Says:

    1.Madrid more populated than Miami.
    2.Sydney less populated than Santiago.
    3.Amsterdam is bigger than Rotterdam.

  23. tomasgolombduran Says:

    1.Madrid is more populated than Miami.
    2.Sydney is less populated than Santiago.

  24. eleojitos Says:

    1) Frankfurt- Frankfurt is richer than Madrid. But Madrid is bigger.
    2) Paris- Paris has more tourism than Florence.
    3) Athens- Athens has more inhabitants than Rome. Athens- 3.700.000 Rome- 2.700.000.

  25. paulinguigs Says:

    1. The chinese cities are the most populated in the world.
    2. Tucson is the less populated city that appears on the graphic.
    3. Tijuana is more populated than Jacksonville.

  26. elenaa98 Says:

    Milan is most populated than Athens.
    Moscow has the same population as Beijing.
    Albany (New York State) is the least populated in the U.S.A.

  27. vidalandreu98 Says:

    -Shangai is most populated Than Atens
    -Madrid has tye same populatiom than Baghdad
    -Paris is the most population in Framce

  28. vidalandreu98 Says:

    Correction: “France”

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