3.en.116 Celebrating the end of school at Sa Riera with other schoolmates

I like very much this pic that someone took yesterday.  You can see Miquel, Pau Segui, Noé and Pau Campomar‘s backs. Are they looking forward or backwards? Well, in fact they were watching a football match, but I would like to think of this pic as a symbol for this time of the year. You are going to move to second ESO, hopefully all of you, but whatever happens, even if the whole group does not continue together, I’d like to think that you have created links with your classmates and that we have learnt things together that will help you look forward with more confidence and that, from now on,  you’ll feel that you are part of a group that will support you.  So let’s think that Pau C, Pau S, Miquel and Noé are looking both ways:

They are looking confidently towards the future, but they are also looking backwards, so as not to forget what they have learnt and is already part of them

Yesterday, at Sa Riera, there were also students from 2n ESO E and from 2nd D, groups are not watertight compartments, neither is life nor learning. Here follow some pics as a video presentation that  aims at showing you’ve learnt a lot this year in and outside the classroom and, above all, working together  as a goup. It has been a pleasure being your teacher. I hope you’ve learnt much more than English and wish you a happy summer!


Click here to watch the video

Celebrating end of school at Sa Riera


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