3.en.109 We learn much better if we collaborate: Google docs is working. Under construction

Paula, Marina, Marga, Noé, Jhazmín, Joan, Ariadna and Sergio have already done their work: a review and a comment on the listening page ELLLO. Well done!

I’m happy that you are learning to collaborate and to share your findings. I’ve cut and pasted parts of  the Google document that is under construction. I’ts a good thing to be under construction, it means you are all collaborating to improve it and to make it better.

It will remind you of your work. I have highlighted in red the spelling and grammar mistakes so you can correct them. I also think it would be a good idea to include the translation of the new words you have learnt. It will help  your classmates.

Read what your classmates have previously written in order not repeat the same mistakes. For instance, in this document, check the spelling of the word RECOMMEND, it is written with double MM. Also some subjects, IT or THEY, are missing. 


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