3.en.105 Objective:learning by heart this list of 50 irregular verbs before June

You know we hardly ever memorize lists of things. However, irregular verbs are quite hard to learn; there are many and  you need to put some effort until you used them without even thinking. It’s one of those things we have to MEMORIZE. So, let’s get started

MEMORIZE = LEARN BY HEART 50 Common  irregular verbs

Here follows a list of 50 very common verbs. Some of them you already know, but I’m sure not all of them. I’ve taken this document from http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com. You can follow the link and listen to these verbs being pronounced. I really recommend you to download the list and keep it in your English notebook. If any new irregular verbs appear, add them to the list. Also write the translation in Catalan and/or Spanish.

This is the link for the site

Do not forget to scroll to the very bottom of the page. You will find out a set of 4 exercises to practise the irregular verbs. Maybe for Monday you’ll have learnt the whole list.


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