3.en.100 Easter tasks: grammar and writing examination


1) Exercise on Questions with Interrogatives (1 mark)

Ask for the bold part of the sentence.

  1. Julia likes pop-music.
  2. Maria comes from Spain.
  3. They play in the garden.
  4. Rick rides his bike.
  5. I go to the cinema on Saturdays.
  6. We go to Mallorca because it is warm there.
  7. Joe repairs his bike.
  8. Robin drives his car carefully.
  9. Peter runs with his dog every day.
  10. Eric goes to Italy for a holiday.

2) Exercise on Simple Past (0’50 marks):  questions with interrogative.( 0’50 marks)

Ask for the bold part of the sentence.

  1. She pushed her bike.
  2. She carried a bag.
  3. We waited in the park.
  4. The policeman arrested the thief.
  5. We ate fish. Writing: (10 marks) distributed as follows: 6 marks (each drawing will be marked individually in terms of grammar, vocabulary, accuracy) 4 marks to assess use of connectors, creativity and ability to make your story interesting.

Write a paragraph narrating what  happened to the bird. You must write at least 6 sentences. One sentence minimum for each drawing. You have to link sentences using connectors. Use prepositions of place, adverbs and adjectives. Try to make your narrative as interesting as possible. You can add comments on what you think the people are thinking or what they actually say, invent names for the characters,  and so on. 


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