3.en.99 Acrostics for San Jordi

Today you brought to class your contribution to San Jordi’s day: an acrostic poem about books. 

Your works will be displayed in the library of our school, so everyone will see them. Here is a sample of your production. Those of you who had to correct them and/or do a nice visual presentation will do a great job too, I’m sure. Click on this link if you want to see a short video with your acrostics

Did you like it?

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3.en.98 Preffixes and suffixes: Harmful and harmless bacteria in food

Last studio lesson,  we did some pronunciation practice with some preffixes that are written the same in Spanish, Catalan and English but pronounced differently, “micro” was one example.



Microwave; microscope; Microsoft; microorganisms

we also learnt some suffixes such as “less” and “ful” that pose some spelling problems

harmful; harmless; painful, painless.

Remember that painful is spelled with one single “l”

Here you can see a video on a type of microoorganisms: BACTERIA

This last term we shall be working on food and eating habits. Some bacteria con make you sick and they are found on food. We’ll learn more about bacteria and food, but for the time being, watch this video, enjoy it and learn to pronounce BACTERIA with a perfect English accent.



  • Where do bacteria live?
  • Find examples from the video  and post results to the blog by Monday  9th May
  • Can bacteria be treated with antibiotics?
  • Did you like it?