2.en.97 The invisible friend

1esoE 19th April 2011

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2.en.96 The invisible friend. Soundtrack by Noé

Hi everyone!

I promissed you not to make any new posts until May, but you gave me permission to upload  this morning pics… so, here I am again.

The invisible friend finally materialized today! it was about time wasn’t it? it takes so much discussion and debate to reach an agreement. I’m proud of you. You followed the norms.

  1. Maximum amont of money to spend in the present 3 euros
  2. you had to include something nice you had discovered about your classmate
  3. you had to try not to to spill the beans= keep it secret and not tell who your invisible friend was. We are doing idioms with food, aren’t we? spill the beans= divulge a secret
Did all of you follow the rules? well, I guess most of you did.

The result was great! nice wrapping papers, moving letters, surprises,  some hand made stuff, smiles , funny tricks and a good time. The point of the whole thing is to get to know each other much better and to feel comfortable in the group.

There were some things that could be improved, a person forgot the present home, there was another student with 2 invisible friends and one without… but we could work it out together with no bad feelings. 

We then listened to a Blackeyedpeas song about material things: Gone! and finally, Noé contributed with nice music to make it more enjoyable!

It’s been a pleasure being your teacher, but we all need a break, don’t we?

Have a nice Easter!


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3.en.95 Some grammar on line exercises

During Easter, you must do these on line exercises from a very good  site, English grammar on line 4U,  we used  in the first term. Write in your notebook the ones you do. Post to the blog the day you sit down in the computer to do the exercises,;the time you spent doing t them ; and  your opinion. (difficult, easy, you had to look up words in the dictionary,  useful; useless)

You must do 4 sets of exercises: Present Simple, Present Progressive, Simple Past and irregular verbs

Present Simple

Present progressive

Past simple

Irregular verbs (exercises level 0, 1 and 2) 

3.en.94 Some images and tips to improve your writing

During Easter, some of you will need to do some extra work. In this post you will find some images and tips to improve your writing. There are eight tasks that you should do in your notebook. I will explain how to do it in class. I’m sure that  if you do them, your writing will be much better.

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3.en.93 More food for thought: we are what we eat. More idioms with food

  • Can you think of any particular food you associate with Easter?
  • Do you think you have healthy eating habits?
  • During Easter, your daily routine changes. Do your eating habits change too?
Homework Monday 2nd May: Copy the answers to the questions in your notebook and post your comments to the blog.

Anyway,  the way you eat and your eating habits is really “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

“FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, is an idiom that means that something  is worth thinking about or considering seriously.

WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, is an idiomatic expression too.

In English, there are many idiomatic expressions connected with food. The translation of many of these idiomatic expressions is not always easy.

Let’s see if we learn a few and have fun while using them. Check if you know the meaning of the following words:


Most probably you know all of them, don’t you? But I bet you do not know the meaning of the following expressions:

What?s the difference between a couch potato and a hot potato?

Visit the following site and find out.http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms/cat/1.html

Copy the expressions in your notebook and their corresponding meaning. Try to visualise the idiom as an image, it really helps.

Idiomatic expressions with food Meaning
1.Go nuts
2.Go bananas
3.Hot potato
4.Couch potato
5.Big Apple
6.Apples and oranges
7.One bad apple
8.Chalk and cheese
9.Alike as two peas
10.As cool as a cucumber
11.Too many cooks spoil the broth
12.Recipe for disaster
13.All your eggs in one basket
14.Spill the beans
15. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Homework: Monday 2d May . Copy the list of idioms and their meaning  in your notebook. Post to the blog your favourite 5 idioms from this list and add one more.

3.en.92 Sayings and idiomatic expressions with food:a couch potato and a good coach and a patata caliente

With Emili in 2.es.25,2.es.26 and 2.es.27 you learnt lots of sayings (frases hechas and refranes) in Spanish. Sayings vary from one language to another.

The third term, we shall be working with food and eating habits, so  in English, we’ll set off this new  term with a few idiomatic expressions  with food. 

We are about to finish our second term, and Easter is approaching. I’m sure during Easter you’ll do lots of interesting things: go out on excursions ( the weather is so nice at this time of the year), meet friends, take some exercise, maybe study some English and, hopefully…  

you will not  lie in the sofa watching telly the whole day!

People who lie in the sofa in front of TV eating snacks and with the remote control handset (zapper) on their hands are called


  A couch Potatoe is an English idiomatic expression. Its meaning is different from translating one word after the other. 

In Spanish, if you say Patata Caliente= problema grave, incómodo, de solución difícil.

couch is pronounced /kaʊtʃ/


a piece of furniture for seating from two to four people,typically in the form of a bench with a back,
sometimes having an armrest at one or each end, and partly or wholly upholstered and often fitted with springs,
tailored cushions,skirts, etc.; sofa.

/aʊ/couch potato

A couch that has become well known all over the world is the one at the Simpsons.

  1. what is your favourite Simpsons couch gag?
  2. Homer is a  real couch potato, isn’t he?
  3. What about you?

Read the following wiki how article on how to be a couch potato. Can you recognise yourself?

However, a single letter can make a difference: coach is not the same as couch

I’m sure many of you believe  Barcelona coach,  Guardiola, is among the  best ones, don’t you?


coach /koʊtʃ/

–noun a person who trains an athlete or a team of athletes: a football coach.

Homework for first day of class after Easter vacationt : Answer these 3 questions and post your answers to the blog.
  1. What is your favourite Simpson couch gag?
  2. Read the wiki article and choose one othe things you also do when you sit in front of the tv?
  3. Do you think Guardiola is the best coach the Barcelona football team has ever had?

3.en.91 Top forty live: outing with Paquita, your music teacher.

On Tuesday April 12th you had the opportunity to visit a radio studio and see first hand the job of a broadcaster, and how the top 40 are made. Ritish’s birthday song was heard all over Majorca and some of you suddenly decided that in the future you’d like to work in the radio and become a  broadcaster.

It was an exciting experience, wasn’t it?

Now you have to show that you can behave in music lessons as well as you did during the outing.

I’ve just got a video that I will upload here for you.

Thanks , again to Paquita and to the people from the top 40, who were so nice with you.


  • Have you learnt how to say everything in 30 seconds?
  • What about the contest?
  • How many people listen to the top 40?
  • What did you like best about the visit?
  • What surprised you most?

Post your comments to the blog for Friday 15th April