3.en.74 1st Batxillerat students presentation of our School. Congratulations!

You are working on a guide of our school with Emili, aren’t you? Well, Sergio, a teacher from the English department, has also been working with  his group of 1st year Batxillerat on a short video that aims at presenting Ramon Llull high school  to  English speakers.

I am sure you will recognise some of the students that appear in the video. They did a great job. Congratulations to all of them!

Now, a challenge for you. Sergio’s sudents need some feed back on their work. If  you see them around in the corridors, in the school cafeteria or in Plaza del Tubo tell them that you’ve seen their video and what you think of it. I’m sure they will appreciate it. Post a comment to the blog saying what you liked best about the video. Finally,  as we all know “nobody is perfect” and   everything can be improved. Do you have any suggestions, something you would have liked to see in the video that was not there, minor pronunciation mistakes you discovered while watching it?

Why don’t you try to make a video  yourselves? It would be a great contribution to the guide you are making  in Spanish with Emili. They have already prepared the ground for you,  so what about trying a different point of view, a couple of interviews. Ask Sergio’s students for advice. Your teachers will also be willing to collaborate and help.

I liked the choice of backgorund music, what about you? and, of course, I am proud of them, some were my students in 1st year ESO: Marga, Génesis, Alba, Clara, just as you are now, but more than 4 years ago.


20 Respostes to “3.en.74 1st Batxillerat students presentation of our School. Congratulations!”

  1. marinaescarpa11 Says:

    I think that the students of Batxillerato had done a very good job, but I think that they have to improve the pronuntiation in some words. I liked very mucj the videos.

  2. vidalandreu98 Says:

    I like a lot the firt one video but the bakcsounds are very loud.

  3. ariadnabalufo Says:

    The video is fantastic, but they can improve the pronuntation of some words.
    The thing that I like more of the video, is at the end, when they put the name of everybody who talk with a background music

  4. vidalsiquierj Says:

    The video is good because they do it very well but sometimes they look to the people away of the camera and some one can improve the pronuntiation. The music is good.

  5. noesanzu Says:

    I loved the video but they should speak a bit better.

  6. noesanzu Says:

    I like the music very much, and I think they have worked very much, but they have to take out the background noice of the other people talking.

  7. izabelaigorova02 Says:

    I like very much the video of student from 1rst Baxillerato.

  8. vladis890 Says:

    I liked the video very much and I think they work a lot, but they can improve the pronunciation of some words.

  9. jhazminmarmol Says:

    The work from the Batxillerat students and the pronunciation is very good, but they can improve some words. I think the work is fantastic and the music is good.

  10. silviamartinm Says:

    I thimk they do very well. The video is fantastic. ANd the work that they did it’s very well.

  11. martitaserra28 Says:

    I think that the video is very good because it is very original and I like the music.
    I think that the students have done a great job.

  12. pausegui Says:

    I like very much this video because I like the job and the english of 1st of baxillerat.

  13. psocies Says:

    I think the students have a very good work and the music is very good.

  14. alvaroalemany Says:

    – This video is very interesting. Because the 1st of batxillerat students do it very well. A very good work.

  15. margaabauza Says:

    I think that the video is good and the pronuntation is very good too.

  16. merysantos1998 Says:

    The video is very cool and they did a very good work. I liked very much.

  17. paulinguigs Says:

    I think this video is very funny. The other persons that aren’t in our high school can see the high school inside.
    It is a good job.

  18. sergiomr226 Says:

    I think is a very good presentation. And the efects of the song are very good. The pronuntiation witg the goys and the girls are very good, but maybe some words they invented.
    The mark by me is 8.

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