2.en.40 A successful outing: Congratulations!

Dear students,

Today the outing turned out very well, this is what the teachers, Bernat and María thought of the tour, a real success. Congratulations for your behaviour, your work and your enthusiam. You worked very well, took notes, listen carefully to the explanations of our  guide and showed interest in learning. Our excellent guide, María Vallespir, did a great job too. Thanks to her we all learnt a lot of interesting stories about our city, its histoy and some of its most emblematic monuments.  The weather was fine, a bit chilly in the early morning but nice and sunny. So, nothing to complain about. Now, we would like to know your opinion too. The outing does not finish but stretches in the work you have to do in groups and in the powerpoints you will have to present.

You also had time to enjoy and unexpected things turned up, such us the man making huge soap bubbles in front of the cathedral, or discovering  your Catalan teacher’s street!

Here you can see Bernat posing in Carrer de Sant Bernat

In this pic, you can see that the man managed to trap inside the bubble a tourist who was sitting in the background.

from our school we went down Sa Riera until we got to Can Sales, The Crypt of Sant Llorenç and  the Church of Santa Creu, walking along the sea front towards the east, stopping at the Llotja de la Mercaderia (Market exchange), visiting the Cathedral, glancing at the  court yard of Can Olesa and taking a rest at the Bishop’s garden were some of the things that kept us busy this morning.

Now, in order to help you carry out your taks, I will give you  two very useful sites:

  1. Balears cultural tour where you can do a virtual tour of the places we visited this morning. The site has different language options: Catalan, Spanish,  German and English. No excuse for making spelling mistakes in your dossiers. I’m sure that you took great notes but you can also check them. Now it is time to repeat the walk, This time virtually. Take a virtual walk!
  2. Gothic Palma. A jewel, not to be missed. An amazing site that lets you visit all gothic buildings in Palma, Cathedral and Santa Creu included. You can also activate the site in different languages. On top of great pics and information you can also listen to music and watch videos.
  3. Mallorca Daily Photoblog, from our friend Klaus, a never ending source of infomation about Palma. This site you all know, it is among our permanent links in our blogroll.

I will upload a slide presentation with the pics I took this morning.

Check the site and post your comments on the outing and Mallorca cultural tour site to the blog.


21 Respostes to “2.en.40 A successful outing: Congratulations!”

  1. Joan Sebastià Says:

    I think this outing is very fun and cultural

  2. noesanzu Says:

    Joan your answer is not correct:
    I think this outing was very fun and cultural

  3. margaabauza Says:

    Thanks maria, is very useful and fun!

  4. sergiomr226 Says:

    Check the site and post your comments on the outing and Mallorca cultural tour site to the blog.
    – María is a usefol post and the Mallorca cultural is very interesting and curious.
    – The auting is very good, but for some friends is very long. For my isn’t long.

  5. andreafr98 Says:

    The two post , for me are a very useful.

  6. andreafr98 Says:

    Correction :
    The two links , for me are a very useful.

  7. jhazminmarmol Says:

    The outing was very good and interesting and the guide was very nice.
    I think the two links are useful for the dossier.

  8. psocies Says:

    Tha auting was very interestig and fun and I learned a lot!
    The links are very usefoul for some activities from the dossier

  9. merysantos1998 Says:

    The outing was very interesting and useful and fun. I learnt a lot.
    The links were very useful too

  10. marinaescarpa11 Says:

    The outing was very amazing and fun too.
    The two links are very useful for me.

  11. vladis890 Says:

    The outing was very interesting and useful.
    The two links are useful for me.

  12. Joan Sebastià Says:

    I think this outing is very fun and cultural

    The links are very useful

  13. pausegui Says:

    I think this outing is very fun anduseful

    The links are very important for my

  14. silviamartinm Says:

    I like very much the outing and I learn a lot.
    The links are very useful. Thank you.

  15. jospomar Says:

    Ilike the outing. I learn something.
    The links are useful.

  16. ariadnabalufo Says:

    I like a lot this outing and I think is very useful because I learn a lot. Thank you!

  17. vidalsiquierj Says:

    I like this outing, for me is the most important because we learnt more vocabulary and we enjoy ouerselves!

  18. vidalandreu98 Says:

    In this outing I leanrt a lot because there was a lot of vocabulary. We learned to be journalists, some architecture, English,Catalan, German and French… But I think, in the dossier, there so much activities.
    Thanks to this outing María!

  19. martitaserra28 Says:

    I like the outing and I think that was very interesting and funny.
    I think that the links are very useful.

  20. alvaroalemany Says:

    The outing was very interesting and fun, because we learned many things and because the guide (Maria Vallespir) was very good and fun.
    The links are very good for the dossier.

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