1.en.29 2nd on line exam.

I) Read this  text and ask the questions for the underlined words. ( 1 mark)

The Simpsons

The Simpson Family are TV’s favourite family.

Bart is ten years old. He always gets in trouble at school and with his neighbours. He is also unkind to his sisters. His sister, Lisa, plays the saxophon. She is very intelligent. Maggie is their baby sister. She doesn’t speak.

Homer and Marge Simpson are their parents. Homer works at the Springfield Nuclear Plant. At home, he sits on the sofa and watches TV. He loves doughnuts. Marge works at home. She cleans and cooks dinner for her family. The children help her. Homer is not a modern man, he doesn’t help at home.

1. At home, Homer sits on the sofa and watches TV.

2. Lisa plays the saxophon.

3. Maggie is their baby sister

4. Marge works at home.

5. Homer Simpson isn’t a modern man because he doesn’t help at home

6. Homer loves doughnuts.

7. Bart gets in trouble with his neighbours.

8. Homer works at the Springfield Nuclear plant.

9. Marge cleans and cooks dinner.

II) Write the following numbers. Do not use abbreviations (1 mark)

  1. 12
  2. 200. 915
  3. Today’s date(use ordinals)
  4. Your position in the class register. (use ordinals)

III) Which word  is pronounced differently than the other 3. Concentrate on the underlined part of the word. Write the odd one in your answer. (1 mark)

  1. brother, mum, but, put
  2. change, shy, literature, teacher
  3. birthday, earth, the, thought
  4. jeans, George, change, game

IV) Write a word containing the following sounds and underline the part of the word where the sound appears. You cannot use the words that appear in the previous exercise. (1 mark)

  1. / dʒ /
  2. /θ/
  3. /ʌ/
  4. /tʃ/

V) Write about two deserts, remember to mention location, size, temperature and relevant features. (2 marks)

VI) write 5 pair words which are different in American English and in British English( 1 mark)

VII) Where is Taylor’s hometown. Use compass points to locate it on the map. Locate it in relation to New York. Do the same with Palma in relation to Alcudia. ( 1 mark)

VIII)Do you remember William’s story?

Read the text and translate the words in blue. In order to help you, in the grid below you can find the words and their meaning, but they are jumbled. So, first do the matching and you will be able to understand the reading better.  (3 marks)

William, a 14-year –old boy  who lived in a remote village of Malawi,  Africa, is the protagonist of this story.  In William’s village there was no electricity and his family did not have enough money to pay the school fees. The school fees were not very high, just  80$  a year, but they could not afford it.

William borrowed a book from a small libray run by a charity. In the book there were some pictures of wind mills that inspired him and he decided to build a wind mill  near his house. He only had pictures to guide his work, but he was determined to do it.

People thought he was crazy when they saw him gather old parts of cars, bicycles and cutting wood but whenWilliam managed to build his wind mill they had to change their mind. He was not crazy after all! They could hear raggae music coming from a small radio that  worked thanks to the boy’s wind mill.

With the electricity generated by the wind mill, the family could listen to the radio and have a light bulb in the house. The librarian told the story to a journalist and an article appeared in a newspaper. This is how William’s story got to be known outside his village.

Willian was invited to the USA, he visited New York and wind farms in different parts of the States. He published his book, the boy who harnessed the wind and got his own web site. Now he is studying to be able to fulfill his dream, setting his own wind mill company and helping the people from his country get a better life.

1)         village
  1. a) bring together
2)         fees
  1. b) to construct
3)         afford
  1. c) the amount of money you have to pay to go to school
4)         borrowed
  1. d) a large grouping of windmill generators
5)         run
  1. e) belonging to oneself
6)         to build
  1. f) a person who writes in the media
7)         crazy
  1. g)  glass container containing a gas and  a thin filament that emits light
8)         gather
  1. h) the hard substance composing the trunk and branches of a tree
9)         wood
  1. i)publication issued at regular intervals,esp. daily or weekly,containing news
10)      light bulb
  1. j) a small community or group of houses in a rural area
11)      journalist
  1. k) gained control over for a particular end
12)      newspaper. 1.  l) took with the promise to return
13)      wind farms
  1. m) operated
14)      harnessed
  1. n) mad, mentally insane
15)      own
  1. ñ) to be able to pay

VIII) Unpack your adjectives: Use stinky, bumpy, childish, dumb and prickly  in a/some sentence/s. (provide the translation) (1 mark)

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52 Respostes to “1.en.29 2nd on line exam.”

  1. ritish7580 Says:

    1.1)What does Homer at home? At home, Homer sits on the sofa and watches TV.

  2. paucampomar Says:

    1.2) Who play the saxophon?

  3. marinaescarpa11 Says:

    1.2: Wich instrument plays Lisa? Lisa plays the saxophone.

  4. ariadnabalufo Says:

    1.4 Where does Marge work?

  5. vidalandreu98 Says:

    1.5. Did Homer Simpson help, at home?

    • mloredo Says:

      why do you ask the question in the past?
      Is Homer a modern man nowadays? Does he help in the house?
      I don’t think so, really. So, correct your post.

  6. izabelaigorova02 Says:

    1.6 What is the favorite desert for Homer?

  7. jospomar Says:

    1.7 With who gets in trouble Bart?
    Bart gets in trouble with his neighbours.

    • mloredo Says:

      the auxiliary verb is missing in your question.
      Look at the comment I made to Ritish’s post and try to correct your mistake.

  8. vidalsiquierj Says:

    1.7 With who Bart gets in trouble?

  9. mloredo Says:

    your question is not correct.
    The auxiliary verb is missing and you must make other changes too.

  10. silviamartinm Says:

    1.4-Where does Marge work?
    – Marge works at home.

  11. margaabauza Says:

    1.8- Were works homer?

    • mloredo Says:

      you just need to look at the previous post.
      The question is wrong, you need the auxiliary. There is also a spelling mistake in the ” Wh”word.
      And, finally, there is a punctuation mistake in the proper noun. You must use CAPITAL LETTERS.
      UMMM, SO MANY MISTAKES IN JUST THREE WORDS! it makes me wonder…

  12. psocies Says:

    1.9- Who cleans and cooks dinner ?

  13. noesanzu Says:

    Maria Loredo…can we do more answers?

  14. martitaserra28 Says:

    2.1- 12= Twelve.

  15. vladis890 Says:

    1.1 What does Homer at home?

  16. miquelbv9 Says:

    2.2=200.915=two handred thousand nine handred and fifteen.

  17. merysantos1998 Says:

    2.3- Today’s date is Monday, fifteenth of October

  18. Joan Sebastià Says:

    2.4My position in thr class is the 8

  19. pausegui Says:

    1.9- cleans mareg and cooks dinner

  20. alvaroalemany Says:

    3.1) The wrong word is “brother”.

  21. mloredo Says:

    Well, most of you did not correct your mistakes. Let’s see if you manage to do so before tomorrow.

  22. paulinguigs Says:

    3.3 The

  23. AlbaaSoriaa Says:

    3.4 · Game.

  24. merysantos1998 Says:


  25. noesanzu Says:

    I’m sorry this is incorrect.

  26. andreafr98 Says:

    II) 4.- /tʃ/ –> temperature.

  27. sergiomr226 Says:

    3.2= shy.

    4.4= picture, literature, churh, culture, nature, a very some words.

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